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After 7 years... PROS has decided to take down the viewer cameras.

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Name: liane
Date: 02/20/2010
Message: Excellent site. One of the best i've seen so far!

Name: Lee Tussing
Date: 02/02/2010
Message: hi.. im from las vegas nevada..

Name: ky ghost pics
Date: 01/24/2010
Message: Awesome web page..Keep up the great work

Name: John Mc
Date: 12/26/2009
Message: Hey tim, looking to see some good ghost hunting on here since there is no golfing going on at the course. Hope to hear or see some good evidence soon!!!!

Name: Sharon
Date: 12/23/2009
Message: clicked thru your youtube channel. This is a great web site and very informative. thanks to you for answering my questions re: EVP and ITC. I have a clearer understanding now.

Name: Barry White
Date: 12/21/2009
Message: Tim, Howdy, This is Barry from Moe's.

Name: Kendall
Date: 12/16/2009
Message: nice site, Ron. Thanks for telling me about this. I think I may be having some paranormal activity happening right now I hear a voice saying "why are you still up at midnight?" I don't want to make it mad so I better go to sleep, I will look in more detail tomorrow.

Name: Chaswick
Date: 12/10/2009
Message: I used to work at the county line BBQ from 1994-1999 while in college. Most of the waiters had experienced something. The bartender Shawn used to tell me stories...about wine glasses breaking, liquor bottles being misplaced...hell even the cooks experienced things. Several waitresses refused to take "parties" upstairs(its the area reserved for private functions.) One waitress even said she felt someone push her down while walking down the stairs. I heard whispers and seen shadows while working there. Used to get chills when I worked the small section by the fireplace. What's funny is on several occasions customers would get weird vibes and would tell me and/or ask to be seated at another table/section. Out back in the shed/stock room...there something that would spook the female wait staff. I used to accompany them down there. Whatever it was seems to bother the women more than the men. Did you ever find the "speak easy escape tunnel" that was allegedly concreted in several decades ago? It ran from the current location of the County Line BBQ under NE 63rd Street to the little white house across the street (on N. Everest Street)? Well that's what I heard and experienced while working there. Good work guys. Peace

Name: Otherokgo
Date: 12/06/2009
Message: maybe worth investigating, Strange sounds in the background noise on the cam 1 Site, around 14:46 and 14:52....

Name: Other
Date: 12/06/2009
Message: Web Cam 1 :- P.I.L.T.R Cam Site 1 :- approx 14:46 and 14:54 Uk Time the sound of a train sirens without the sound of the train moving along the track approx 14:52 strange banging sounds on cam 1 strange noises

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