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After 7 years... PROS has decided to take down the viewer cameras.

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The PROS Team was invited (2005) to the Eskridge by Logan from the Oklahoma City Ghost (OKCGC) for an investigation into the reported paranormal activity experienced by several different paranormal research and investigative teams. One team, INsight, a Taps Family member, was on location and had already begun setting up the equipment that would be used for that nights investigations. Several cables lead to cameras already in place and ready for action. INsight warmly welcomed both members of PROS, Ron and Karen, as well as Logan and Robyn from the OKCGC. Lindsey the director from PRISIM had accompanied the OKCGC for this investigation. After we exchanged formal introductions we made our plans to conduct our investigation into the reported unexplained events witnessed by several different groups and individuals. Things like voices, footsteps and other unexplained phenomens are said to happen. We were all there to see what could be experienced and record the events as they happened. Our group went upstairs to the third floor where we conducted a sitdown and ran EVP. Karen heard a noise and took a picture in the direction of the noise. Captured in the picture were some orbs we are not sure of the origin of the orbs but the most likely cause is dust or some reflections like 99.9% of the time. Overall the group didn't experience any overt paranormal activity, however we did hear the sounds created by an old structure. We did capture an EVP at this location. The EVP seemed to be responding to Karen's question. Good Job Karen!

This is a photo that was captured at the Eskridge Hotel by Karen. The team is not sure what is in the picture. Some of the team believes it looks like a face near the bottom right, just above the bright light. Others believe it could be part of an arm? What are your thoughts? Most likely it's an artifact due to improper settings on the camera... Interesting over all.

You will hear Karen ask, "If you're still behind me...."  Then you will hear a reply that says, "I am still."
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