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Answering Skeptics  

Skeptics , or someone who questions what they see, hear or experience. Dealing with skeptics may be difficult when facts aren't presented and known, or considered. Like wise the research conducted into the paranormal, should examined with an open mind. Recent history like the NIDS Team made up of researchers investigating the Skywalker Ranch ( . The researchers held PHDs Their stories are interesting to say the least!  Most likely skeptical UNTIL things began to happen with no explanation. 

The existence of ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot and other Crytids are just some of the subjects bound to create a large dispute as to whether they exist or not.

 Many  skeptics would have to have some sort of encounter before believing in such things as listed above. Still others would have a hard time believing in anything paranormal. After all there isn't any real proof these things are real or documented and could indeed be real?

   We must keep in mind, some people my have physical limitations that could keep them from hearing or seeing things believed to be paranormal . Physical limitations like deminished hearing or eye sight could play a part. 

Many people  might only have parts of the facts before making up their minds about such things or limited experiences in dealing with the paranormal. So what are some of the established documented facts people often over look, or may not know... 

EVP ( Electronc Voice Phenomenon)  is one. EVP has been well researched under scientific conditions and proven to be fact! The voices are interactive answering questions. Even the Catholic Church conducted studies into EVP!Anyone can experiment and try it for themselves! We can't prove the sources of the voices, they do indeed exist.

Ghost don't exist some will say, however there seems to be well documented cases of ghosts as well! One case well documented is the case of the Bell Witch. The ghost, or as many believe could have been a demon; was said to be the cause of John Bells death. The fact remains. Something indeed strange happened in this case which many people were a witness to.

Another interesting case is the case of the "GreenBrier Ghost" in this case a ghost was said to be it's own witness in a murder trial!

What about Psychics and mediums? Yes they are documented too!

Edgar Cayce is a well known psychic to many who study the paranormal.

Gerad Crosiet another psychic, who was known to help the police solves cases.

Helen Duncan a medium who went to jail for being a possible spy!                                                 

We can't say this is "proof" however some facts are found with in the information  with in the links. Some folks may skew the facts to fit their beliefs. Some of the feats of these people are over looked in some cases. Ask yourself, how much research have you conducted before making up your mind? Are these things possible?  Perhaps we don't understand how these events happen at this time. Some facts may alter the way you think , or what you know! An open mind is best, an objective education is the key to understanding what might be happening.

Science dosen't always get it right! - Sir william preece former cheif engineer of Britian's post office. Said this about Thomas Edision's lamp. " Completly idiotic  idea." 

Professor Henry Morton -  said , Edision was a fraud when experimenting with the electric lamp. Based on SCIENCE! 

The New York Times , New York Harald said, and The US Army , Simon Newcomb of John Hopkins University ridiculed the Wright Brothers claiming it was , " IMPOSSIBLE for machines to fly!" 

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