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What is a haunting ? 

Hauntings are believed to be the physical manifestations of a person, animal, or other type of spirit at or in a location. The most common belief is that in life the spirit involved was cut short before it completed a certain task or perhaps justice needed to be served as in the case of the "Green Briar Ghost." No one can say for sure why these spirits are not "Resting in Peace."

Some hauntings are what is termed "residual" while others are termed "active" or "intelligent."

Most of us use the term "ghost" to refer to any haunting. A residual haunting is a haunting where the ghost is observed doing the same thing over and over in or around an area, a virtual "recording" captured in the physical surroundings and released via energies such as weather conditions. The haunting may occur at the same time each day or on an anniversary of a past event; in other cases, the haunting may be random. An example would be the ghost of a soldier still observed patrolling his post at an old fort. Generally this type of haunting does not respond in any way to the living.

When an active haunting is taking place, there is more interaction and the ghost may respond to our actions. This is the difference between the two: interaction. EVP or auditory evidence captured on site can be a major indicator of the difference.

Many researchers will say the "ghost" is an imprint, left on an energy field, that in time plays over and over. When a haunting is interactive, the term "spirit" is used instead of "ghost." Once again many people and researchers use the terms interchangeably.

With both types of hauntings there could be unexplainable sounds such as foot steps, doors opening and closing, or voices; kinetic activity such as lights turning on and off, objects moving or missing, or doors closing; or visual anomalies such as moving lights, shadows, or figures.

There is what is also termed "Atmospheric Hauntings." These are normally witnessed around battlefields. Many researchers believe the great loss of life and the suffering associated with battle leaves an impression in or on an unseen energy field which replays occasionally. Over time the imprint seems to lessen and the same with the occurrence.

The PROS Team will continue to monitor and research any and all types of paranormal activity.


Below is an interesting story and is true!

Sometimes it may appear that a person is haunted and not a place. One case of this may very well be that of a fellow paranormal investigator, and author Logan, who was accompanied by a strange sounding whistle noise. This noise was witnessed by many different persons at different times. The cause was never determined. Logan seemed to be the agent. Logan's emotions seemed to be the focus of the sound. When he was excited the sound was often heard often many times in a row. Cold spots were often felt prior to any sound created by "Whistler" or "Westler", as Logan called this noise. This sound followed Logan for a period of six months. One day as suddenly as it started, it ended; not too soon for the PROS Team or Logan! We at PROS and Logan have wondered what happened to our amusing friend. Someday our little friend might return and once again amuse us for old time sake.

Strange whistle noise on player above.

"Whistler" or "Westler."  You may only hear the whistle sound but prior to the actual whistle there were grunts heard. These grunts are also intertwined with the whistle sound too. There were also on many occasions the grunts were heard at the end of the event. At times furniture was felt to vibrate from the low frequency produced from our little friend. This sound is not an EVP. It is referred to by the PROS Team as a USP( Unknown Sound Phenomenon).

PROS, in our investigations of hauntings, have encountered  several times disembodied voices who claimed an item or place to be theirs. This could also be the reason activity was occurring. The presence(s) may view us or those who occupy the home or area as unwanted guests or even intruders. This could account for some of the negative responses we capture during our EVP sessions. Some of the comments to say the least are rude, while others seemed to be threatening to the team or anyone who dared to trespass into what they considered their domain. This possessive behavior could be the indication of why a haunting is happening. No one may know for sure. Over time the nature of the activity may be a clue to why the haunting is happening. We must also factor in who or what is present when these events happen.

The EVP below was captured in a home with reported activty. We could not vaildate the claims of paranormal activty but did capture this EVP.

EVP: "This is my room."


The EVP below was captured at the PROS research site.

Sometimes we at PROS are asked if spirits of the disembodied voices we capture are interactive with us or  with one another. The answer seems to be yes. We have on more than one occasion captured voices that were communicating with each other or directed comments toward us.

Below the EVP shows interaction with at least two disembodied voices responding to the teams presence during walkthrough prior to an investigation.

The first voice that is heard is that of a male which seems to say "Find me." The next voice is also male appears to be different and says, "Shut up." Most likely the statement is directed at the first voice. The third statement is that also of a male, could be the first voice saying, "hide." The next voice, male yet again plainly says, "We weren't ready." A male voice which is distorted by our footsteps seems to say, "Walk again."

EVP can be very revealing as to what may be happening at location. More than once we have captured the disembodied voices working together or communicating about our presence and intentions during investigations avoiding contact with us or allowing us to document their presence.

The type of EVP below in nature is rare. It simply shows long term research can and most likely will pay off in time. PROS Team members spend many hours each week conducting research and analyzing data and captured evidence.

Thanks Team for all of your long hours of dedication and hard work.

Headphones may be needed to hear some of the EVPs presented on the PROS Site.


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