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     Video Evidence

      Video is the glue that can seal several pieces of evidence together. PROS does not take one event or collected data to make a determination of paranormal activity. We look for several pieces of evidence that correspond and support one another. When we conduct an investigation we start with an interview and obtain the reports of the activity, a story. When we start our investigation, if we get EVP we have to remember we can collect EVP anywhere. EVP is not evidence all by itself. If we experience an activation on a meter, we have to rule out all explainable causes and reasons before considering the paranormal as the cause. After a thorough examination of the area we may still  have an unexplained EMF spike, this is possible evidence but not enough to stand on alone. Cold spots are investigated much the same as EMF, we have to eliminate all known causes. We could still have weak evidence due to other factors. There are however personal experiences. Those come in two forms, verifiable and unverifiable. Unverifiable experiences are those like someone being touched, or the hair on the back of the neck standing up. We at PROS refer to this type of feeling as "9-volt" Or what feels like "Spider Webs"on bare skin . These reported events cannot be verified by anybody which tells the stories of these type of events. There are verifiable experiences like sights and sounds heard by investigators. PROS teams members are not allowed to work alone during an investigation. We are always in groups of two or more, so we are able to verify most events as they occur. This is good but still not much more than stories. there is still no tangible evidence to hand someone and say here is the evidence. However if we are able to experience and collect many of these things together and they correspond with the reports of activity, we may have something. If all this should happen on video, then we have something we can hand someone and say see for yourself.

    Any evidence collected of the paranormal, no matter how solid, is going to be controversial. We at PROS understand this. The PROS Team goes to great length to eliminate all possible reasonable causes for any possible paranormal activity we catch and only post what we truly cannot explain. We also ask for any and all opinions on what we post. We do not claim to know everything about the paranormal or video. We know there are those of you that have much more knowledge on some of the related subjects compared to us. We are asking and counting on your  help. Those who claim to know everything, do know everything, They will never learn anything else.

We are excited about our new camera system. We will post video evidence here on this page. Please give us your opinions and comments. If you have an explanation for anything you see we want to hear from you.

The PROS Team

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