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Emporium 5-23-24 , 11-6-2023 Bigfoot track . 9-27-23 Ghost Dog.  9-7-23  BIG Black Cat.   8-30-2023 My friends Haunted House! 

PROS Investigations - Ghost Dog!

PROS Investigations - Big Black Cat

PROS Investigations - My friends Haunting .

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Intense research into the Paranormal by Scientists


No tours in 2024.

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After 7 years... PROS has decided to take down the viewer cameras.

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PROS no longer conducts tours at our research site its no longer operational.

Email us for private tours, interviews, or investigations.

PROS will not be conducting investigations at our research site (LTRS) every Saturday night.

Our investigations were broadcasted live on our webcam page. We no longer conduct tours at our site after 7 years.


OK, so Tony our former Site Director, Ana, a visitor with PROS visited a location in Guthrie OK. PROS has been there a number of times in the past. After reaching the location we all were acquainted and visited with the manager of the site to explain the activity reported. Ana who owns the "Strange Oklahoma" page on Facebook had't been part of a real investigation, so I invited her to go and meet with Tony and myself. We explained the theories about the equipment and it's usage. Afterward we set up several of the EMF detectors in locations were each could be visible. We did't experience any activity while conducting our walk-through of the location. So, we set up to see if we could collect any evidence. We used the TLD 100 a thermal indicator which shines a green light for ambient temperature , blue for cooler, and red for hotter temps. PROS has used this for many years now. We use the ghostbox and EMF to see if theres any possible correlated activity with all the components. During the investigation we did hear some voices over the ghostbox. Nothing expection but I do believe Ana had a very good time! Here we will post a small section in the recording of the interaction of the ghostbox recording. We will be investigating again soon! 

Public Investigation of the PROS LTRS Guthrie Ok.

The LTRS is an old warehouse that dates back to the late 1800s. It has been the final stop for our Train Depot Tour the last couple of years. There has been paranormal activity reported there for many years. The activity reported ranges from strange noises to full body apparitions. PROS has been conducting long term research at this site for many years. We are aware of the activity that happens around our team members that are present week after week. We have noticed at times during our public investigations with new people at the site there has been a change in the activity. We want to start recording this activity and comparing it to our regular investigations.


Join Pros for a live investigation of the Long Term Research Site. Be part of the PROS LTRS 2011 Research Project. We will start the evening with a seminar covering the theories and techniques used in paranormal investigating. The tools and equipment we use will also be on display for you to see and inspect. After the seminar and a Q&A session, the guests will take part in a serious research investigation. 

Again PROS no longer conducts tours at this site.

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