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LTRS 2-12-11 

12 Feb 2011

Prepared by: Pros Robert 

PROS Team members present: 

Pros Tony

Pros Ron

Pros Karen

Pros Robert 

Outside ambient air temperature upon arrival @ 7:45 PM CST was approximately 47 DEG F.

Outside ambient air temperature upon departure @ 11:45 PM CST was approximately 35 DEG F.

Moon Phase : First Quarter

Clear Skies 

    After the team got set up and ready, Robert and Tony did a walk through to clear the building and to take pictures using our new setup, Multi-Spectrum Photo Validation method. Tony decided to do this to limit the amount of people moving during pictures, for more into on the set up, go to this page.

    We started on the 2nd floor and proceeded in the experiment room. Tony thought he saw movement in the night vision camera in the northwest corner of the room. If something did move, hopefully it was caught on camera and from there we could try to determine what may have caused the movement.

    Next, we went to the 3rd floor. Shortly after we got up there, both Tony and I heard a shuffling type noise and also felt movement in the floor. We investigated the area we thought it came from and found nothing out of place. We did hear a few taps, but with the recent snowfall, we had to discount it as water dripping somewhere.   

    Last, we went into the basement. Upon entering the basement, I told Tony that it seemed darker than usual and he agreed. Our flashlights just could not penetrate the darkness. We played with several light adjustments to try and get some good pictures. The shower room seemed the darkest of the whole building. We had a very hard time getting the light adjusted just right to get good pictures. It was D A R K!!!

    After Tony and I got done with that, we called Karen and Ron to come down to start the team walk-through. We walked the basement again, and again the area seemed darker the normal. In the bedroom, the room behind the shower room, Ron had a spike on his TriField EMF Meter. I saw it spike a few times, but when I approached to try and verify with my MEL meter, it stopped and didn't happen again. Tony kept feeling "warm spots" and it seemed as though it was following him. He felt it in several different areas in the basement, but mainly at the foot of the stairs. We asked a few questions but didn't hear anything worth notice so after a few minutes we continued back up to the 2nd floor.  

    We went into the experiment room, walked the room but nothing of significance happened, so we then continued upstairs to the 3rd floor.

    We got upstairs and started walking around. We were walking north when Ron and I heard what sounded like a footstep come from behind Tony. We heard several other noises as well that could not be explained. We headed back down stairs and ended the team walk through.

    After a short break, Ron ,Tony and I went on another walk through. We started on the 2nd floor and proceeded into the experiment room. (During the break, Ron set up the Night Vision Motion Sensor Camera in the experiment room to try and catch anything the may move while the room is empty.) Nothing really happened in there so we continued to the basement .

    Again, once we got into the basement, the area just seemed darker than normal. We walked the basement and again heard sounds that seemed like footsteps coming from above us. We continued our walk-through and asked questions here and there. We were about to head back upstairs when I thought I saw movement in the shower room and right after that, Ron thought he saw movement at the north end of the basement. We all, Ron, Tony and I, focused our attention to the north end. It was then that all 3 of us saw a shadow. It was like he/she was playing peek-a-boo, because that is what it was doing, peeking out, then moving back, peeking out then moving back. Each time it looked out at us, it seemed to get thicker and darker like it was trying to manifest itself fully. We saw the head, shoulder and chest, basically almost all the upper body. We went down there to check it out. When we got there, we didn't see anything. Ron saw a light coming from the shower room and I heard shuffling. I asked Tony if he heard that and then the door to the bedroom room opened up. It startled me and made my heart jump into my throat. Tony had gone into the shower room and then into the bedroom and opened up the door. He startled Ron and I !!!!  We had though that Tony was right behind us, but um yeah, he wasn't! He doubled back to see if the shadow we saw would try and go through the shower room to avoid us. After that we went back upstairs and ended our walk through.

    After a short break, we decided to do our sit down in the shower room. We got set up, also set up the green laser grid and asked some questions. During the session, Karen felt like someone was thumping the bottom of her chair. These "thumps" were loud and heard by all team members. After a few more minutes of nothing happening, we decided to move outside the shower room and set up at the base of the stairs to watch the area where we saw the shadow form earlier. We set up the green laser grid and asked more questions. Nothing of note happened during this sit down. So after about 10-15 minutes, we called the sit down and packed up for the night.

    As we were packing up our gear, my digital voice recorder started flashing "accessing". I could not get it to stop at all. I tried hitting any and all buttons. I did not pull the batteries out for fear of losing the files. After a couple of minutes, it stopped flashing and reboot itself, and all my files were erased. Four audio files gone. I was a little flustered, but sometimes this happens. Was it paranormal? No clue, could have been a device malfunction. 

Overall, I thought the night was more active than it has been in awhile. Did the recent and current weather have a play? The moon? The stars? Or just the spirit world in a playful mood? We will probably never know and this is why we seek to discover the truth. 

Thank you for reading. 

Till next time, Happy Hunting and God Bless!! 

PROS Robert 

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