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Crescent Hotel 

Does the picture above have a face in the window?  Most likely "pareidolia." Seeing a meaning in a random shape.

The hotel is a very interesting place to stay. PROS has visted the location three time over a 5 year period. Here are some of our experiences.

On the teams first visit. Ron and Logan had some "interesting" experiences to include a seeing a female in a white long dress who was witnessed by the both of us. We gave chase only to see her vanish! We noted that she had passed though water on the side walk without leaving a track in the over 4 ft wide area! There were several spots were no tracks could be found after passing through the water over the side walk! We didn't have any doubts as to what we saw! There are reports of this lady seen in the same area as we saw her. The ghost tours at the hotel can be very interesting to say the least. 

We did have some time in exclusive areas in the hotel during our stay. While in those areas we did experience some unexplained activity. From objects moving on their own for no explained reason! Random noises like footsteps, some bangs, cold spots that shouldn't be there, shadows moving. Cameras and the  recorders didn't produce the evidence as well as we would have liked for them to. Some EVP was captured. 

These EVP's were captured at the Crescent Hotel. You will hear wht sounds like people talking; one of us said "Michael." A female voice is then heard in a whisper saying, "Michael, go into the light." This EVP was collected in Room 218. The next EVP was obtained in what was Dr. Baker's old Room. A female voice whispers "Get out." [2005 EVP's]

The Crescent Hotel can be an interesting place to stay. Many people are reported to experience paranormal activity while visiting or staying there. Others come and go and don't experience anything. Those who report encounters with the unknown sometimes tell stories that only persons who have experienced the phenomenon would believe. Such is the story of our excursions to the Crescent Hotel.

Lisa, a former PROS team member, arrived at the Crescent at around 1:40 pm on the 25th of April 2007. Ron was already there and had given his presentation for the convention. Lisa's time to speak was at 2:15pm. Lisa greeted Ron and Harold the founder for the ORI [Ozark Research Institute].  Lisa had needed to make a phone call to a client's father who lived near the hotel. Lisa's phone wouldn't work due to a lack of service. Ron turned the phone off then back on, but still there was no service. Lisa then took her phone and placed it back in her purse. Lisa called the potential client with Ron's phone and made arrangements to visit the location.

After Lisa's presentation Lisa and Ron left the Crescent to visit the prearranged location just down the road.They arrived and looked around; Lisa was drawn to a particular location used for storage. As she moved along with the client and entered the establishment she immediately felt a presence as did Ron . The atmosphere  seemed  heavy.  Lisa had her voice recorder running before they entered. Ron made sweeps with an EMF detector (no hits). Lisa directed Ron and the client to the back of the location where several others had reported feeling something in the area. No real indications of the environment changing. Just that sensation of being watched. EVP didn't yield any results. Which can be common. 

  We  spent an hour visiting and arranging another possible investigation. Once we finished our interview we drove back to the hotel to say their good byes and made we our way back to Oklahoma City.

Lisa made final preparations to leave and decided to check all of her belongings only to discover her cell phone was missing! Steps were traced  back to each location conducting a complete examination. The phone was not to be found anywhere! It was decided to go back to the Crescent and ask once again if the phone had been turned in; the response was "no." Ron asked Lisa to check and make sure she still had her credit cards. She picked up her purse, opened it and lying on top was her missing cell phone! 

The time had passed by and it was raining. Lisa was very tired due to the long drive and the past event with the cell phone. Departure was delayed until the next morning. When morning arrived they decided to eat at a local cafe. They arrived to find Harold, founder of the ORI, and Jana, a psychic and good friend of Harold's. They invited them to have breakfast with them. They sat down and explained the past night's events to them. Jana laughed and said those type of occurrences happened often to her. We exchanged a lot of information with them. Ron suspects that there is more to the missing phone than meets the eye...Perhaps fate? 

My conclusion of the hotel is there's some activity. I  along with others have experiences which would be VERY difficult to explain with a simple answer. After several stays at the hotel looking for activity we found it! I had some experiences while there on my own. Nothing frightening , more interesting than scary. My personal belief is, some of us for some reason experience  the paranormal more than others might... Some might say it's an over active imagination. For some it could be. For others it isn't. After years of conducting ghost tours and investigations I've witnessed a lot. From apperations to kinetic  activity, electrical disturbances. All of which has been reported at the hotel. Could some of what we call ghosts be drawn to some of us? Perhaps some might believe the disembodied may want to communicate with us based on our energy? It's difficult to say for sure. I just know what I've experienced over the years. I will contiinue to investigate claims of paranormal activity and learn. Share those experiences when and where I can to help others- Ron.

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