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P.R.O.S. Investigations, Inc.

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Emporium 5-23-24 , 11-6-2023 Bigfoot track . 9-27-23 Ghost Dog.  9-7-23  BIG Black Cat.   8-30-2023 My friends Haunted House! 

PROS Investigations - Ghost Dog!

PROS Investigations - Big Black Cat

PROS Investigations - My friends Haunting .

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Intense research into the Paranormal by Scientists


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After 7 years... PROS has decided to take down the viewer cameras.

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Captured Evidence 


   There are things with no answers, like the rocks that move in Death Valley for no known reason!  Would you call that paranormal? Some would... Others say it can be explained...

 PROS is very serious about what we present as evidence. We are very strict in our analysis and processing of the evidence we collect at our LTRS and other investigations. If we can find a reasonable explanation for what we find we will throw it out. We debunk 95% of the evidence we collect which leaves us with a small amount of evidence we can be confident in showing the world. Science tells us ghosts may be possible but there is no solid evidence to prove their existence. Without that evidence we will not and cannot tell you the evidence we present here is proof of ghosts. We can only say, I don't know what that is.

    We promise not to waste your time showing you pictures of orbs and bugs illuminated by the ir cams, we will only show you what we cannot explain and you can make your own decision. We do not claim to know everything or that our evidence is perfect. We understand there are many of you out there with knowledge we do not have. If you can explain what you see here please contact us and share your knowledge with us. Together we are smarter and we can make a difference in the paranormal community by only presenting quality evidence.

The PROS Team

If you can debunk any of the evidence presented on this site please contact us at and share you knowledge or expertise. We will be glad to give you credit for the debunking.

Any and all evidence collected from the LTRS or other investigations is considered the property of PROS. Permission must be granted before the use of any evidence or data for any purpose.

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