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Last site update 1-9-2019.

Latest activty is helping past clients from past cases. Updates to come soon! 

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After 7 years... PROS has decided to take down the viewer cameras.

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Long term research 

Long term research is a commitment to both the research site and your team. PROS has several members of our group who partake in this endeavor. Unlike typical investigations the team learns the site with a familiarity that can only be described as like a second home.

The team spends many hours together, not only conducting research  but working to keep continued operations going. No matter the weather condition of extreme cold or heat. Tony, PROS Director, has spent not only time but his own money fixing and repairing problems and potential problems before they can occur as well as over seeing PROS operations. This is only a small part of what happens before any research can be conducted.

One advantage to having a long term research site (LTRS) is the team always has a place to go to study the paranormal. However there are times the team has found it difficult to get away to do other investigations or even for personal reasons. To sum it up it is a responsibility but well worth the price if you enjoy research.

Research can be conducted in many different ways at our facility. We can set up experiments and be there almost anytime we desire. We can monitor all of the believed influences on the paranormal such as temperature, moon phases, and other factors to see if there is a possible increase or decrease in activity during certain times of change. This is not to say that what could influence one location will have an effect at another place said to have paranormal activity.

PROS will continue our research project as long as the team has the desire and will to do so. We continue to examine as many factors as we can. At times we allow other investigators, researchers and guests to join us at our site. Sometimes different people bring out different responses from our site. Should you or your team want to join the PROS Staff for a research investigation send an email to Ron and Tony at our email address, Some conditions apply.

These reports are listed to present our evidence we want to share with the public. There may be gaps between the dates due to a lack of clear evidence and experiences.

Each week a different team member will post their thoughts on the weeks investigation. By rotating the team members you will get to see the investigations through different eyes each week instead of only one point of view. This will show how paranormal experiences and events are perceived differently from person to person. It should also let you get to know each team member as an individual and not just a group member.

Please let us know what you think. We will also post the reports on the message boards where you can comment or ask questions.

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