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Here are some of our better quality EVPs. Listen to them and let us know what you think.You may hear some thing differently, that's not uncommon.

Often headphones are best to use when listening

Earlier EVPs listed at the top of this page, newer ones at the bottom.

Keep in mind we capture EVP on a very regular basis at our site. We list the clearer EVPs here on our website. There are weeks we capture some very clear while others are questionable. If PROS listed all of the EVPs captured at our site or investigations we would have well into the thouousand!  

EVP is voice not heard at the time of the recording. However upon playback you hear them! The voices are believed by many to be ghosts, angels, demons, artificial intelligences, aliens, other realities. No one know for sure! What is interrsting the believed paranormal phenomenon has beeen well studied and researched by scientists though out the world! 

This EVP was captured on the 28th of March 2008 at PROS research site. There is only one word heard. "Crap"
Above.This EVP was captured at the research site,on 4-12-08, it is known as a voice over. You will hear a male voice say "Knock" at the end of the recording.
Jeff"s son Dallas asked who the President of the United States is, you hear a voice over in which the word Taft is heard., "Taft." This type of EVP a voice over can be dificult
This EVP was captured as the team left the building. One word is heard. "Bye."
This word is heard at the end.
This EVP has Karen asking for a name on the recorder, you will hear a click that was Ron using a lighter to see if there was a wind draft. Shortly there after you will hear a male reply "Wes." Captured 4-12-08.

The above EVP was captured on 4-15-08 at the Santa Fe Train Station in Guthrie.

This EVP is believed to say "perfume" at the end,the team was dicussing a scent that was smelled at the time. This type of EVP shows a possible interaction with the investigators.

Any and all evidence collected from the LTRS or other investigations is considered the property of PROS. Permission must be granted before the use of any evidence or data for any purpose.
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