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Unexplained Image
Unexplained Image

After over 40 years investigating the paranormal I've been asked many times if I think ghosts and other entities / cryptids are real.  My answer is YES... Why, do you ask... Well it's based on many of my own experiences and materials I have read or examined. I can tell you. I've witnessed full body apparitions, heavy funiture move, objects thrown, doors close and open on their own, disconected door bells ring, foot steps on many occasions , lights appearing with no known sources in isolated areas. And the list goes on... People there one second gone the next with no place to go.  This includes animals as well. I have an EVP of  dog barking no one heard but me at the time of the recording. Once while  I was being interviewed at an office of a reporter ( The office personel claimed it was haunted) a computer began to play the song, "Ghost Busters ".  We were shocked no one else was around! I don't expect others to believe me. I just ask that you consider the possiblities.  I can tell you over the years I received many phone calls and emails from folks  who didn't believe in the paranormal  UNTIL it happened to them.  I only ask that you seek for the truth. Some very well educated persons have examined the paranormal and found the truth in reality.  Some things aren't simple to dismiss when investigated. I ask you to do the same, spend ssome time researching. Look up The Hornet Spook Light, Edgar Cayce, Raudive's Voices (EVP) , Victor Zammit, Skinwalker Ranch.  Perhaps after some exploring and experiences you will begin to see things differently.  Question EVERYTHING, Seek and you will find. Your mind works best when open. 

The picture above remains UNEXPLAINED after many attempts to recreate it May, or may not be paranormal. We're still looking for an explanation! 

Explained Image
Explained Image

.My experiences have also taught me there's a lot of things that might appear to be paranormal, which when examined closely aren't paranormal.  Sometimes it's an over active imagination. Other times it's a total misconception of ideas or alleged evidence. Often times people are looking for something to grasp on to, so they can have evidence to support their belief, or validate experiences. This happens with Orbs in pictures they are misunderstood and presented as paranormal evidence based on my experience. True orbs/ ghost lights produce their own illumintion and are witnessed with the naked eye. I have experienced orbs a number of times with  the naked eye, which others saw too.  Rare when it happens. Colored lights which we were unable to capture on cameras.  Often artifacts are captured in pictures and video. It is due to the cameras lack of ability process the lighting, or shutter speed . In simple terms the wrong settings, or the wrong camera for the job. I've looked at pictures and video where a light source outside of the camera's view was responsible for the created artifacts. ( having a background in audio/ video and production helps) To better understand look on YouTube. If you watch a video of an airplanes propeller you will notice it's curved in the video. Often during production filming the lighting is softened with defusers to prevent glare and lens flare.  Many times lens flare and lighting create what many believe to be, "paranormal."   Again, we have to look for answers other than paranormal. Many look to prove, rather than to be objective and consider possible other factors. "When it doubt throw it out."- Ron

The picture about is an artifact created by the lighting and paredollia, looks like a woman under the light to many. PROS recreated it several times,  QUESTION EVERYTHING- Ron

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