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PROS Investigations - Big Black Cat

PROS Investigations - My friends Haunting .

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After 7 years... PROS has decided to take down the viewer cameras.

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Paranormal Research 

 Things to consider before anyone makes a determination about the paranormal, whether it concerns ghosts, cryptids, aliens or hauntings, telepathy, psychic abilities or the possibility of mediumship -   What are the possible chances the brain is able to operate in the paranormal realm? Maybe this is why things thought to be paranormal are just our brains operating in some mode yet undiscovered or not understood yet. Others, may have psychological problems. One example many consider paranormal is dowsing.  Some researchers  have  written about wild examples of success by dowsing!  Petroleum companies are reported to have employ dowsers! During the Vietnam War, dowsing was used by some US troops to locate tunnels and enemy supplies! 

Conducting paranormal  investigations can be a challenge, research into the subject even more so when you look into the subjects and sources. Some information can be very biased, pro and con.  Physics, as we know it, may or may not apply to the paranormal.  Presently there are no meters to measure ghosts; however, we can measure and monitor effects on the environment.  Equipment like EMF detectors, thermometers, cameras, audio and video recorders are just a few items used to capture and gauge these effects.  What we can say is that they occupy space and seem to be made of some sort of energy.  Ghosts appear to be able to cause disturbances by manipulating electromagnetic fields detected with some EMF detectors. One must also learn the "pros and cons " of  their equipment. How it repsonds in the environment it's in. Cause and effects.

 When someone walks into a room of forty degrees Farenheit temperature, his or her body heat will raise the temperature by a small fraction, and can only to be detected with the right equipment.  Likewise, there are fluctuations in paranormal environments that we should be able to measure with the right equipment and tools.

It should be noted that several hundred years ago science taught that the world was flat.  People of those times didn't understand how the rain fell from the sky or lightning flashed.  Today, we are able to harness electricity and use it as an energy source because people studied these occurrences.  Perhaps research in the paranormal field in the future will have a breakthrough and we will be able to scientifically determine "what are ghosts" and cryptids!   Until that time PROS, with our fellow researchers, will continue to study these anomalies called "ghosts," and other paranormal entities and  events.

Keep in mind not everything is black and white.  Maybe the truth lies inside shades of gray.

The PROS Team

New Technique for Paranormal Photography

PROS Investigations is developing a new technique for validating still photos taken during investigations. The process is called Multi-Spectrum Photo Validation. The technique involves a series of cameras mounted on a tripod. A high quality digital camera in the center, a full spectrum video camera on one side and a infrared video camera on the other. The digital camera is set to a very slow shutter speed with no flash. The pictures from the still camera are taken with only available light and the other two cameras are recording video in the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums. If any evidence is captured in the still photos there is an IR and UV backup for it. Since the video cameras are also recording audio this will give a context to every photo taken never before possible. This should help in debunking false positives and it should also help to validate true anomalies and strengthen the evidence. It will be very interesting in our research to see what some of the photo anomalies look like in the other spectrums. To our knowledge PROS is the first team to use this technique and we will continue to develope this and other new investigative processes which may some day help unlock some of the mysteries of the paranormal.


It should also be noted that some folks base their whole belief system on one occurence, or from personal experiences. When conducting any type of research the evidence can change for known reasons and unknown reasons. There are too many factors to sometimes determine what is really happening in a paranormal environment. You have to have an open mind. 

Other factors that should be considered, are the sources of information one uses to base their belief system on. Some of these belief systems may be tainted by preconceived notions , lack of proper information and in some cases religion.

PROS advises folks to study and review sources of varying views in order to have an overall better understanding of the paranormal. It all starts with a question. Then one must QUESTION EVERYTHING!  Use critical thinking. Example the picture below is still in question. PROS was unable to reproduce the image . We determined, it was unexplained. Many believe we captured a ghost, or something more sinsister ? Is it Paredolia at work? All we are left with is, "questions."  Some times the only thing "paranormal" is our thinking. 

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