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Arapaho Cemetery 


Arapaho Cemetery is located in western Oklahoma on top of a hill. Many of the graves in this scenic location are over one hundred years old. Logan, a former member of PROS, told the Team about the bad fortune he had the year before while visiting the site. His car wouldn't start and, while he was working on the car, it started rolling uphill! When Logan finally got his car started a dog came out of nowhere and chased his car about a mile down the road. This was not your average dog; it kept up with a car going 60 mph! This in itself is not paranormal but just plain weird.

According to local folklore, there is allegedly a grave that numerous people claim to hear a voice coming from. The story began in 1936. In the month of January, a young lady about 18 years old had a wreck with a creamery truck. She of course was killed, and her father was grief-stricken by the fact his daughter had not yet been saved.

After he passed away in 1972, people stated they began to hear a voice proclaiming his daughter's name and his darkest fear, "Oh Lord, My God, Rabina has not yet been saved."

Arriving for the first time, a PROS member noted that the cemetery was indeed in "the middle of nowhere." The night was dark and cool; in the distance we could hear the pump jacks operating. We located the grave site and paid our respects. We began the investigation by taking digital photos and conducting active EVP's with our audio rolling.

After an hour and a half, we decided to make it a wrap and head home. Ron made the comment on the recorder that the dog continued to bark in the background. Logan laughed and said, "What dog?" When we listened to EVP's the following day, one was of a female saying, "Shut up and wait in the car!" Next, she once again ordered us to "Wait." Afterwards, the dog barked in the distance. Ron was the only one of four team members who heard the dog barking.


Six months later, PROS went back with a full crew. The place hadn't changed and we knew where the target grave was. We exited the car while Ron turned on his recorder and began to engage in a conversation with Lonny. The group split up; Ron went with Therin, and Logan went with Lonny. While walking toward the east side of the cemetery, Ron and Therin noticed some eyes, green in color, reflecting the light from their flashlights. It was dark and Ron thought a cow had gotten loose. When flashlights were shined toward the animal, it turned its head toward the group. The eyes appeared to be too far apart to be a cow. The objects we interpreted to be eyes soon vanished right in front of us.

We left after an hour and a half. The next day, EVP's revealed there was something happening. Lonny made a comment about his bright flashlight and a voice replied, "Bright light." There were several other EVP's collected at this location.

Who knows what is out there and why? In truth it may be that they are there resting from the fast pace of the city life, just wanting to be left alone.

This picture was taken during the same time interval that the EMF detector was activating. We had been through the area before with the detector with no hits. All at once the detector went off. After reviewing the pictures is it possible to see why the detector went off? (Orbs)

 Many paranormal investigators interpret these glowing round objects [orbs] as dust near the lens. Often a bright flashlight when shinning in the area will reveal the cause or the materials creating the anomalies. PROS has research into the nature of these anomalies found in many photos. 99% or more are airborne particles or bugs.

EVPs from the Arapaho Cemetery

Ron is heard asking questions.  A female is heard at low volume saying, "Shut up and wait in the car!"  She is heard, again, saying, "Wait." A dog is also heard barking which only Ron heard at the time. The rest of these EVPs were captured in a warehouse. We went to later that night. Many times the voices we get are vulgar.  See if you can make out the choice words they have to say. 

The images above are from the investigation we conducted a 07-14-2020. I went there with Shane, Dakota, and Brandon. Shane a long time good friend had been on at least one investigation with me in the past his son Dakota came for the first time. Brandon a good friend of Shane's decided to tag along. I was there to film a YouTube video about Robina and the voice of her father who passed in 1972 at her grave site. We decided to bring the standard paranormal research equipment. Which included Night Vision, thermal, and a video camera with Night Vision as well.  Before starting the video we divided into two groups and walked the area to see if we might have an encounter of the ghostly type as has happened in the past. Shane and I took the camera and the thermal which Share operated. As we walked Shane scanned the area looking for signatures that might indicate some sort of unnatural heat sources hot or cold. Shane Indicated he found a cold spot that seemed to follow us at a distance! I wanted to see for myself and it was as Shane said! It was moving and much colder than other objects in the environment. We decided  to investigate this apperartion / artifact on thermal we witnessed  it move away from us! We decided to see it this malfunction of the detector. The dark cold spot would seem to move as we stood still. Creepy as it was, it appeared to be watching us!  We located Dakota and Brandon and informed them about this anomally that seemed to be monitoring us from a distance as a cold spot. A storm was approaching so we decided to head to the burrial site of  Robina conduct our business and leave. As we moved the cold spot once again followed us. While at the grave of Robina and George her father Shane continued to monitor the cold spot on thermal. Brandon decided to walk toward the cold spot and retured exclaimng what ever it was growled at him! He said it wasn't human nor was it an animal. As I finished my video Shane was still intenstly watching the anomally. Shane had Dokota look though the Night Vision. Dakota said he saw what looked like a mushroom cloud! I looked I couldn' make it out. Shortly there after the form move behind the nearby tree. As we watched it reapperaed on the other side of the tree! We decided to leave shortly after with the unknown following us! As we approached  the car it move across the street! We drove away as it seemed to follow us for a short distance then just vanished from thermal! 

My conclusion is I can't say for sure it was paranormal. I can't say it wasn't. The reality is I'm not sure what actually happened! Could it be some thing with the equipment? We are going to return in the near future and see if it happens again! 

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