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PROS Investigations - Ghost Dog!

PROS Investigations - Big Black Cat

PROS Investigations - My friends Haunting .

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Parapsychology applies science as we know it to supernatural events and the unknown. Studying and researching the unknown isn't easy, due to not having access to all the factors involved. The basic teachings are that everything is made of some kind of energy. Some of these energies are known and others are yet to be discovered. In studying objects, persons, and places; we know that they exist in more than one dimension. We also know everything has mass and weight. This is the starting point for research.

Auras are believed to be energy which can be photographed [Kirlian photography]. People were reported to be able to see the aura before any process was developed to do so. Look at paintings of Saints with halos. We now have the technology to take a picture long after an object or person has left the area and see that image of the person or object. What remains behind to allow us to do this? Perhaps some form of energy or energies? These energies are what psychics are believed to be able to discern. The energies may be in more than one form like heat for example. We can detect heat with the right equipment. Often we can't detect people with out the aid of equipment, or a trained animal. We now understand the process when we see it happen and why! 

This type of phenomenon and others is what Parapsychologists study, research, and document . Parapsychologists use science to try to explain possible reasons for activity. However most often the " science" doesn't apply to paranormal events; that's when the scienctists separate themselves against Parapsychology. The Inverse Square Law applied to sound or radio waves doesen't seems to affect Telepathy near or far away. Telepathy seems to work better a at greater  distances! This is just one example of the paranormal is not effected by the "rules of science ". Some of the subjects of Parapsychology include: Ghosts, Poltergeists, EVP ( Electronic Voice Phenonmenon) Telepathy, Past Lives research, Dowsing, Precognition, Clairvoyance, ESP, Psychokinesis, OBE's ( Out Of Body Experiences), NDE's ( Near Death Experiences), Reincarnation, UFO's, Orbs and more! Again, Science as we know it ,often won't apply! Therefore, these subjects are, " PSEUDOSCIENCE." 

This is the type of research the PROS Team investigates and studies, often conducting experiments. Ron PROS Founder, holds a certification in Parapsychology and 40 years in the field. PROS works with researchers and investigators,  both on and off  the team to get a better understanding of different types of  paranormal phenomena. The PROS Team is always looking for better ways to conduct research thanks to our team and consultants' wide areas of knowledge, we are learning some thing new with ever passing day with our experiences! 

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