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Anybody There.

OKlahama Paranormal Research and Investigations is a group of experienced and educated investigators that we are proud to call our friends. Check out their site and tell them we said hello.

Alchemy Lab
Dennis Hauck's site of practical and spiritual alchemy.

The inimitable Justin of

At you'll find the incredible EMF arrays Justin created himself, software written to assist with paranormal research, and excellent articles containing through and cutting-edge information.

Ghosts of New York
Check out the Ghosts of New York site offering walking tours of New York's most haunted locations.
Ghost Village

Ghost Village offers research, evidence and discussions on paranormal research from around the world.


Most Haunted Places in the USA
Dennis Hauck's list of the most haunted sites in all 50 states.
Shadowlands Ghosthunter Store
The Ghosthunter Store carries all your paranormal research and ghost-hunting needs.
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