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Black Bear 

Black Bear Church


You could be arrested now!

Black Bear is old abandoned church . The PROS Team has been there several times after hearing reports of strange noises and people reporting they see things like small figures in black robes moving very quickly. Other anomalies such as strange lights are seen as well. Across the dirt road is the Black Bear Cemetery. Perhaps some of the departed visit the old church as some type of refuge, seeking peace they once felt in a church. There is a grave marked "Unknown Cowboy." The PROS Team is still trying to find out the story behind this marker. Some members claimmed to have experiences of the paranormal type at the cemetery .

On our first visit while in the basement, several team members present heard and saw a vehicle pull up with its lights on. When we came up from the basement, there was no one outside. The upstairs team did not see or hear any approaching vehicle. Logan (a former member of PROS) was pushed. Logan commented to Ron that he heard something in the basement. He bent over to look into the basement when something pushed into his mid-section almost knocking him down. Ron saw this and observed that he had been pushed with a lot of force. The team left shortly thereafter.

On a different occasion, we watched strange lights from down the road as they seemed to move and disappear. We drove down the road to find nothing. We couldn't find a natural cause. We were left wondering as to what we had witnessed... 

On another visit  the team was there and saw what looked to be a man in dark clothes walking about 25 yrds to the south of the location. We went out to see who it was only to find no one was there! Several of us saw the figure of the man. We looked for about 20 minutes to no avail. At times the team thought we saw the small figures in the tall weeds. Could it have been our eyes playing tricks on us? We left shortly afterward with only questions.

PROS decided to visit the loaction a month later. Once again several team members saw the small black figures around the car at the same time. One of our team members was resting in to car do to not feeling well. After leaving the location with our dust covered vehicles, small hand prints were found on the vehicle which the figures were seen at! 

 On an excursion there in 2004, we left the car and began taking a temperature reading outside. It was in the low 40's with a slight wind. As we started for the church, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped to 23 degrees in a matter of a very short time. The conditions set an errie feeling among the group. Small figures were witnessed, we heard an animal growling just outside which we couldn't find an animal. We also saw some light anomalies outside we couldn't explain too.  We left satified, believing we had encounted some thing paranormal . Perhaps it was the long drive there, and returning home after a lenghty ride home that made us feel that way?  Who would  want to admit it was all in vain? Wasted time and effort? Not us after all we are PROS. 

We weren't able too collect any real evidence beyond some possible EVP. Nothing in pictures, or video. Just some personal experiences which make for good scary stories. 

PROS will not return to this site in the future for updates. The last PROS has heard from other investigators the church was struck by lightening and the roof burnt off. The PROS Team hasn't visited this site in a number of years.

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