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LTRS Webcam Photos 

Screen Caps

Here is where we will post the screen caps sent in by our viewers. Send in your screen caps and we will post them and give you the credit. You can get a free program to take the screen caps. The link is on the opening page of the LTRS Webcams/Chat. If you have an interesting screen cap e-mail it to us at Starting February 1st, 09 we will take the names of everybody that sends in a picture and have a drawing. The winner each month will receive a free pass to one of our public tours, so start capping. We will post the winner on the home page. Our public tours will start in March. PROS is not stating that these pictures are paranormal. There are many possible explanations for what can cause images and shapes in pictures. We will not post Screen caps that are easily explained. We will post the ones that are interesting and let you make up your own mind. 

If you will look on the upper left cam in the video below you will see what appears to be footprints in front of the mirror. We cannot explain what they are but there is a reflection in the mirror. Pros does not claim this is a paranormal event but it is very interesting. What do you think?

If you look in the lower right camera you will see some light anomalies. The Team is in the room to the north which is behind the camera. This makes a reflection from a flashlight very unlikely. Pros does not claim this is a paranormal event we are not yet able to explain it. What do you think?

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