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Mitchell Hall , UCO, Edmond, Oklahoma 

Sept 2005. PROS Plans to investigate this location in the future.

The PROS Team conducted an investigation at UCO in Edmond, Oklahoma. There have been reports of strange activity for years, like people walking across the stage when no-one was there. Noises are sometimes heard and the sources remain hidden. Ron, with PROS, had worked putting in a sound and lighting system ten years before and experienced a few incidents which to this day are unexplained. Once he and a co-worker heard some noises downstairs like furniture being moved. Ron went to investigate but all the doors were chained shut. The only way in was from the back stage door, and they would have seen anyone entering. They were the only ones in the building; after all, it was the Christmas holiday and all the students were gone. On one occasion, Ron heard people on the stage but, again, no-one was found. The events were random but occurred often enough to make someone wonder what was going on.

The team was excited on this investigation, especially Ron. There were several unexplained events on the team's one sweep through the old building. Most of the anomalies seemed to be in the balcony area.

Photos revealed some dust orbs after the team heard a noise no anomalies otherwise. After the second team made their way through, we decided to conduct a sit down on the stage. There were several sounds around the stage area which everyone heard. The team found no causes for the sounds, which remained unexplained . Several eye witnesses reported what the team experienced that night. We had press coverage that evening from the Edmond Sun and the school paper. One of the reporters commented, "They have nerves of steel." 

After reviewing the evidence from the investigation, the PROS Team had captured several EVPs. Most of us would have our hair standing on end with what was heard. A male voice whispered, "Ronny remember me?"  His name was heard several times in whispers: "Ron."  There were two Rons in the group; however, given the past experiences there, PROS Ron is sure they were speaking to him! During the construction time period ten years earlier, Ron did go by "Ronny." Laughing was also captured on an EVP.    It's best to use headphones to listen with

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