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EVP pg 2 

Here are some of our better quality EVPs. Listen to them and let us know what you think. You might hear some thing differently than we did.

You may need headphones.

Earlier EVPs listed at the top of this page, newer ones at the bottom.

Keep in mind we capture EVP on a very regular basis at our site. We list the clearer EVPs here on our website. There are weeks we capture some very clear while others are C class. If PROS listed all of the EVPs captured at our site or investigations we would have well into the thousands

This EVP  seems to say "Make her sleep." The EVP was captured on the 7th of June at our research site during the Walkthrough. The voice is that of a female.
This  EVP above is believed to say, "Have you seen her too?" The voice is that of a female and seems to have a British accent. This EVP was captured on the Walkthrough on 6-7-08.
The EVP above was captured on May 19th-08 at our site. It seems to says "I see her." The team was conducting a walkthrough at the time. The voice sounds to be that of a male.

The EVP above was captured as the team was completing our weekly sitdown during the investigation on 4-19-08. A male voice is believed to be saying "They all go home

This EVP above was captured at our research site on June 14th 2008 during Walkthrough. Appears to be a male voice that says " We weren't ready."

The EVP above was captured at our research site on 7-19-08. The voice sounds like a female saying, "Time for you."
Any and all evidence collected from the LTRS or other investigations is considered the property of PROS. Permission must be granted before the use of any evidence or data for any purpose.
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