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Paranormal International Studies Alliance

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Last site update 10-09-2019.

Latest activty is helping past clients from past cases. Updates to come soon! 

Join in on our message board you can see some of our history from the past, and interact with us! 

No tours are in the plans for 2019.

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For questions, help, or an investigation email us.


After 7 years... PROS has decided to take down the viewer cameras.

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Name: Vintage Furniture
Date: 11/07/2012

Name: Ashley Jackson
Date: 07/22/2012
Message: I attended to fort Reno ghost tour & captured some interesting photos

Name: Jennifer Michelle
Date: 06/11/2012
Message: I really enjoy learning/reading about all things Paranormal. I would love to become more educated with the matters. Best of luck to your group!!

Date: 05/06/2012
Message: love ur site...thx for having it!!! u do alot of research..thats awesome..knowledge is POWER...alot of teams just investigate and thats it...u have taken it far beyond the next level kudos to u...

Name: Dido
Date: 04/21/2012
Message: Nice site Jimmy

Name: Dar
Date: 04/13/2012
Message: nice site you know me as Lilly0valley

Name: Andy
Date: 02/18/2012
Message: Greetings!

Name: Tommy J. Bowers
Date: 12/22/2011
Message: Enjoy reviewing your photo evidence. Quite an apparent apparition there! I'm founder of Mystic Paranormal Investigations Amarillo Group in Texas, brother team to MPI in Dallas. We're new, and are certainly gaining experience! Thank you for the great site! Tommy B

Name: GoliathImmortal
Date: 11/15/2011
Message: Greetings from the GI Network ....... Great site, active cameras. Your site is awesome . Dave

Name: Rachel Mitchell
Date: 11/02/2011
Message: Hey, Promohog told me you were coming to NW Arkansas. You guys are awesome!!! Can't wait to check out your findings at the Cresent, that is one cool place.

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