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P.R.O.S. Investigations, Inc.

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Last site update 06-2-21

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No tours are in the plans for 2021.

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After 7 years... PROS has decided to take down the viewer cameras.

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Name: Jack Howell
Date: 05/31/2010
Message: Great site! I'm also enjoying viewing/participating online the investigation of the LTRS on Saturday nights and am looking forward to participating in the public investigation on September 25, 2010!

Name: Dr.Clark Schmidt
Date: 05/29/2010
Message: Came, saw;liked what I viewed. Keep up the fine work. Do stop in and take the tour. We will be happy to see you.

Name: Austin Kitchens
Date: 05/14/2010
Message: Iwas wandering how much it costs and whom to get ahold of to become one of the team` Im very interested in the paranormal because ive had experiences myself. Please contact me at thanks

Name: Austin Kitchens
Date: 05/14/2010
Message: Iwas wandering how much it costs anhold of to become one of the team im very interested in the paranormal ive had a few experiences myself please contact me at thanksd who to get a

Name: Judies
Date: 05/04/2010
Message: I enjoyed your site very much, wish I could have saw the chat box.

Name: ray henderson
Date: 04/03/2010
Message: I like this site...heres my URL:

Name: Nicole Castillo
Date: 03/24/2010
Message: This is such an interesting sight. I was impressed with the amount of investigations that P.R.O.S. has done here in Oklahoma. I have been wanting to learn about paranormal observing and investigating and this seems like a great place to start!

Name: Scott Kitchell
Date: 03/15/2010
Message: I have long believed in the paranormal phenomena. I love the fact of using science to back this up. I would like to work with all of you, as I feel this could and would make a difference in peoples lives and help them with their problems.

Name: Amy Criscitello
Date: 03/08/2010
Message: Thank you for a great and informitive website! Great work/investigating! Amy

Name: janet
Date: 02/28/2010
Message: just interested in paranormal, had a few experiences in my life etc .

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