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P.R.O.S. Investigations, Inc.

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Last site update 10-28-2019.

Latest activty is helping past clients from past cases. Updates to come soon! 

Join in on our message board you can see some of our history from the past, and interact with us! We added SEEK Thermal to our tools ! See the ghost we captured with it! Under our Equipment page. Also added under hauntings page- My Experience Hauntings

No tours are in the plans for 2019.

You will need Quicktime to view videos. Get it at

For questions, help, or an investigation email us.


After 7 years... PROS has decided to take down the viewer cameras.

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Name: Steve Robinson
Date: 07/02/2007
Message: Great Site!

Name: Jeff Willes
Date: 07/02/2007
Message: Hi from Jeff at

Name: David C. Foster
Date: 07/02/2007
Message: Just viewed your photos on the CTCam website. I believe what you have is an example of slow shutter speed. Nice website. David C. Foster Paranormal Research Group Bremerton, Washington

Name: Gabe Cessna
Date: 07/02/2007
Message: Incredible! i only had to see your pictures on then quickly visit your site to see how increidble your pictures are. this is the most credible evidence i have ever seen and only looking at 4 pictures was i turned. excellent, really. only place i've ever been with in my opinon credible sources. good work!

Name: Linda Dillow
Date: 07/02/2007
Message: I just discovered your site. Very cool

Name: PA Fuller
Date: 07/01/2007
Message: Enjoyed your site

Name: PROSRon
Date: 07/01/2007
Message: Thanks for asking about cremation! In my opinion, I would have to go with "no" because the vital energy of a person leaves the body at death -- the basic belief among parapsychologists is that, therefore, it wouldn't matter what happened to the body after death. Ron

Name: sarah poe
Date: 07/01/2007
Message: what a great site!

Name: phillip clark
Date: 07/01/2007
Message: a concern i have regarding cremation. both of my parents were cremated, and in your opinion would that totally destroy any hope of channeling their energy in the hope of a future apparition.

Name: Kelly Roberts
Date: 07/01/2007
Message: Great Research thank you.

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