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Last site update 08-6-2020

 Recently added is a section on UFOs and USOs and Cryptozoology! Another site page added under Tours Activities page -" Latest Investigations." Under hauntings- New Dead Woman's Crossing near Weatherford EVP / ITC captured , also we revisit Black Bear. YouTube - "Paranormal Truth Seeker "  videos posted each week! 

No tours are in the plans for 2020.

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For questions, help, or an investigation email us.


After 7 years... PROS has decided to take down the viewer cameras.

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Name: Teresa
Date: 07/06/2006
Message: ??????????????

Name: JoAnn
Date: 07/06/2006
Message: I love the site and think it's fascinating. I've been a frequent visitor and long term guest in the house on N. Utah and I'm thrilled that the owner brought you into the home... hopefully more visits will show you what we've seen and felt often over the years.

Name: Stacie
Date: 07/06/2006
Message: I love this website. Now that I know it's here, I'll visit it more often.

Name: Jennifer Conner
Date: 07/05/2006
Message: I think you work is really interesting. I was one of the reenactors at the goast tours at ft. reno in july.

Name: Jennifer in OKC
Date: 06/15/2006
Message: Just thought I would drop by to say hi to Ron, havnt talked to you in a while, and dont know how to get ahold of you. What has it been a year since I've seen you, you can email me at P.S. hope your doing ok

Name: haylie at ft reno
Date: 06/15/2006
Message: pros, i cant come to the ghost tour on june 17 iam going to Caton OKlahoma so dont do an ivestigation please!!!!

Name: Chuck
Date: 06/13/2006
Message: You guys have helped me alot. I took your advice and checked out your website obviously. However I must admit your teem seems genuine and seem to want to help people to understand. I look forward to learning more and talking more with you. Chuck

Name: ian wells at Fort Reno
Date: 06/01/2006
Message: can i bee on the junior member of pros

Name: haylie at ft reno
Date: 06/01/2006
Message: my mom said i could be apart of pros but she said i dont know about investigations out of ft reno so will have to talk about it later ps your welcome . i read the junior members thing so i said your welcome

Name: Sheri Francis
Date: 05/25/2006
Message: Hi Lisa and Ron, This is the first time I have had a computer since our trip to fort reno. I had a lot of fun going out there and I would very much like to go out with you guys again to some of the other locations as soon as I can swing it. Sans kiddos of course. There is a guy here at work that is very interested in joining me too. Anyway, thanks again. Sheri Francis

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