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Last site update 05-10-2020

 Recently added is a section on UFOs and USOs and Cryptozoology! Another site page added under Tours Activities page -" Latest Investigations."

No tours are in the plans for 2020.

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After 7 years... PROS has decided to take down the viewer cameras.

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Name: Teresa Stranczek
Date: 11/02/2005
Message: Hey lil brother Logan! Great work you and your team are doing-also saw the nice layout in the Tinker Take Off- recently-AWESOME!!

Name: Danae Rhodes
Date: 11/01/2005
Message: Hi guys! Good Job on the new pictures! Looking forward to talking to you guys!

Name: Jack Steffey
Date: 10/30/2005
Message: I just wanted to say you have a very well detailed site.. Keep up the good work.

Name: Bev Dupraz (Stamper)
Date: 10/30/2005
Message: Ron, sounds like you are in an interesting field. Good luck

Name: Maria
Date: 10/24/2005
Message: Hello! Great site. If you´re interested in evps, check out my website:

Name: ryan
Date: 10/23/2005
Message: hows it goin ? i was the guy that took yall to the factory downtown with all my friends ...

Name: brighteyes
Date: 10/04/2005
Message: yeah what a cool site i'll be back 4 sure

Name: Doris Smith Pringle
Date: 09/30/2005
Message: Very nice site. Enjoyed it.

Name: mark
Date: 09/20/2005
Message: i'm a para-normal investigator has well has you are it's very exciting when we go to suppose haunted sites most of them we have to debunk....but if you would like please e-mail anytime you wish so we can share information and maybe we can join for one ghost hunt.

Name: Ashley
Date: 09/19/2005
Message: I think this is all very interesting! I live at the OKC residence and knowing other people see and hear makes my family feel not so crazy anymore. Thanks Laura, Erik, and Logan for comming out!! See you soon!

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