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UFOs - USOs 


Unidentified Flying Objects have been reported since time and history have been recorded. What are they exactly no one can say for sure. Evidence seems to support several ideas and concepts. Some cases could be arial phenomenon created by electromagnetic fields, or gases... Others shooting stars...Storms ... animals... insects... secret military aircraft... Hoaxes...  Others leave us with more questions than answers. Many have reported the phenomenon, one thing for sure there's some that are mind boggling 

A couple of good examples are " The Battle of  LA " in 1942 when anti aircraft batteries opened fire on an object at night believed to be a possible Japanese attack.  Several people died as a result of the shells falling in the area. It's well documented. 

Another more recent event was the " Lights over Phoenix Arizona " 1,000s of people saw the strange V shaped craft as it floated over head! News media outlets broadcasted images of the unexplained craft as cruised a long making no sound! 

USOs- Unidentified Submerged Objects. These are objects that are seen and monitored in bodies of water. Often they are reported to come from the sky and crash land in the water. They preform the same feats as their arial counter parts moving at rapid pace turning at extreme angles while submerged in water. Some believe they are possible alien craft making their way back to underwater bases located deep beneath the waves. Some are said to be hidden in caves at extreme depths so it would be impossible to see them on sonar type systems.

Aliens - Who can say for sure what they are. Some say they are from some planet millions to billions of miles away or light years way? What we can say they are said to be many things from a life form to demons, and about everything in between. Some are very human looking, others like the Greys are small with large eyes, some Aliens are reported to be reptilian looking...  Some encounters reported Big Foot creatures! These are all reported to come from some sort of flying craft most often. Other evidence includes but not limited too. Extreme radiation levels, impressions in soil, burn marks, unexplained materials, and more when they are reported to land. 

There are documented  claims of people being abducted by alleged beings. Like Betty and Barney Hill and others with some interesting evidence being produced. Like implants that are reported to be, "not of this world." Some of the elements of the implants are reported to be made with materials of unknown origins! Others are said to be intelligent in nature, moving deeper in tissue while extraction surgeries were being preform!  Claims were also made these implants produced / transmitted frequencies. Like a tracking device. YouTube has some videos produced my medical professionals and others posting these intestting interactions. Dr. Roger Leir is one example.  

Some believe many structures like the pyrimids in Egypt and others around the world were built by the Aliens or at least assisted with the building of them. You have to consider with todays machinary we aren't able to build some of  the same structures.  Others say the Aliens are demons who gave man knowledge and are continuing their agenda recorded in some ancient writtings like we see in The Book of Enoch found with the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

PROS has had limited experince investigating the UFO Phenomenon. We have witnessed some unexplained lights that seemed to  respond to light being flashed at them. These lights stopped movement and responded! Others only seen in the Infrared Spectrum. What we witnessed is to be questioned. Could the lights have been a possible millitary drone? Or some thing else? 

It is common knowledge that ocean tides as well as human and wildlife behavior are affected by the position of the moon and the pull of its electromagnetic field. PROS is interested in whether this same electromagnetic field effect also impacts paranormal activity. Other researchers have noted an increase (or sometimes decrease) in activity during periods of full and new moon energy. While our research is only beginning in this avenue, it is nevertheless an interesting phenomenon. The chart below from Hot Spot Sporting can be used to locate future dates for full and new moons.

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Lunar Phase Calendar

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