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OK, this is an interesting story. Some may believe it or not... Let me set up why the bag is on the ground! I was out deer hunting.  You ALWAYS test fire to see if your firearm hasn't lost point of impact, otherwise still sighted in. It was OK. I was happy.  My son, David, came to stay overnight, a night or two, so we could camp out and do the guy things, basically hang around, put up a tent, hunt and spend time together.

Keep in mind, when I fired the gun at the target, the (bag) hanging lower into the grass by the trunk of the tree hanging by a bungie cord, the branch was not struck by a bullet, nor did it ricochet and hit the branch. I looked and saw the bullet holes in the trunk of the tree. The bag was still near the ground hanging when we went to bed. As night grew near, I slept in the back of my pickup, David slept in his car. We had tried to set up the tent, however, strong winds started to blow, so we  decided the vehicle option was best. I would say being a trained storm spotter, the winds blew at a steady 25 mph, then often gusted to about 40 mph! 

I fell right to sleep as always. About 2:30 a.m., David started to call out to me and walked to my pickup truck bed. I was all nice and warm and cozy.  This was in October, which was cool, not cold.  His car was within 25 feet of my vehicle. He then told me that he saw what appeared to look like a small person dressed in what looked like a hooded cape. It was about three feet tall and in dark-colored clothes next to a small cedar tree. There was enough moonlight that someone might misjudge what they could see. Nevertheless, David did feel a little strange about what he was seeing. I woke and responded to David. David has had a number of paranormal experiences himself.  While staying on my parents property, David and I, had some weird experiences there, too. We heard animal noises that neither of us had ever heard the likes thereof! Strange calls, loud, but unknown to both of us! Not foxes, not cats, not raccoons, or other wildlife. I've been in the woods many times and I have never heard those sounds! Months prior, we were in the woods, and not only did we hear the sounds, we saw what appeared to be the moon in the east,  which should have been in the western sky. David quickly pointed it out to me.  I was SHOCKED! As we discussed what was happening, we looked again, and the moon had moved westward almost directly over us then again! We hadn't moved either! I was using the thermal imager and saw a tree that looked like the shape of a Bigfoot, just as these strange things happened. So, yeah, there's a real history of the strange and unusual between us and Lonny, too. Moving forward, I know things happen to us! 

David and I decided to go back to sleep, as best we could. I can say the property is located where it is pretty dark. You can see strange aircraft in the sky above. I can't say it's not planes. However, the objects move in random strange patterns, perhaps not of this world, or maybe it is? With Space Force. who knows really what's up there? Ours? Or, extra worldly? Go somewhere very dark with little to no moon. away from the city lights,  and use Night Vision gear. Perhaps you could see a lot more! I've done it in the past. Back to the story:  When I woke up, the the bag was on the ground. The wind had been blowing all night.  I expected the bag to be perhaps on the ground. When I left the hunting site, I then saw the twisted branch! Keep in mind, the wind came from the south, and the twisted branch was on the north side of the tree! There are no large animals to break and twist the branch on the property! Whatever twisted the branch has to have a hand to wrap something around the branch! The twisted branch remains a mystery and how it happened? 

I can tell you that I have had what some might call Bigfoot encounters, from whisling in the woods reported with these creatures, to objects being thrown. I saw a Bigfoot type creature at night, walk across a two-lane road at less than 100 yards. It crossed the road in three steps! NO human could do that! I saw another one, gray in color, by a large tree.  As it turned its side to me, it was at least 2-1/2 or more feet WIDE! Id say over 8 ft tall, more like 10 ft!  Some may laugh, I don't care! Examine the evidence for Bigfoot and other Crypids!  Spend time long enough in the right places,  you'll find some eveidence that supports the subjects. 

  I wouldn't advise going to investigate these Crypids. You may end up with them following you home in some cases! Many who research,  investigate  aliens, Cryptids or other paranormal phenonmenon, often report being followed! People, like those who investigate Skinwalker Ranch, the late Scott Carpenter are just some examples, so, just be mindful- Ron


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