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Orbs in the picture above were created by dust, notice the broken glass in the windows. Shine a laser anywhere to see the particles when the area is dark. BILLONS of them EVERY WHERE! Question every thing.

One of the most controversial subjects in paranormal research revolves around orbs. They are circular balls of light which appear in photographs. They can be different sizes ranging from golfball-size to as large as a basketball. These spheres of lights have been reported though out history and seen with the naked eye. Orbs and light anomalies have been recorded to be seen with cryptids, aliens, UFOs too.

 Some common names are "ghost lights" or "spook lights". They often are different colors such as red, pink, green, or blue but most commonly are white. What are they? There are those who believe orbs are dust or other optical anomalies such as reflections on the lens, pixelation on a digital camera, or a flash too close to the lens of the camera. Bright lights can also illuminate particles close to the lens. Others insist they are a form of energy. The truth is both sides of this debate can be right. The question is how do you know when it's an energy orb and not just dust or something else? Always keep in mind. That the chances of some airborne particle being the cause is much greater than the anomalies being paranormal based. Why? Because there's more airborne particles than ghosts in any given area.  Billions at least milllions to one anywhere.

PROS has found several ways to determine the nature of orbs that are potentially paranormal. We look to see if the same orb shows up in more than one photo from the same camera and did it produced it's own light. If the orb is a particle of dust it could be seen repeatedly in a series of photos. This is due to a number of particles in the air, billions of them and their size, and how close they are to the lens in relation to the light illuminating them .  Two other indicators that the orb may be truly anomalous is if it is partially obscured (and thereby indicating distance from the lens) or in movement and produces it's own light. EMF activation or an EVP that has been captured simultaneously when orbs are photographed or videotaped. Activations of an EMF detector or EVP's that coincide with the appearance of orbs are noted as possible anomalies , again when seen with the naked eye. Any real orb may also move against the present air current or in some oposite direction this is a sign you may have more than dust, perhaps a bug?If the orb can be seen to go behind somthing and appear once again is most likely real or an insect. A good example of dust moving with the air current was captured with video by our friends COPS at our research site. A black object is seen passing in front of the video camera, afterwards the orbs which are created by dust are seen to following the air current. Watch the directions from which the orbs flow. Dust will follow the air current unless its a bug. Again... True orbs have their own lighting and most often will be seen with the naked eye. The real question is... How many airborne particles are there in any given area? BILLIONS... So what are the chances? BILLIONS to one... How lucky are you? ...

Colors of orbs can vary as stated above. Some people believe this reflects the mood or emotional body of the energy. PROS has not been able confirm this belief but we are in the process of documenting evidence that orbs can react to requests of the investigator and are seen with the naked eye. There are a few examples of this in several photos on this web site. The protocol for this has been to locate an area where the orbs are predominate.  by holding out his or her hands and asking the energy to touch them. We have tried to interact with orbs... Result have been intresritng in some regards... Yet... Based on the fact there are MILLIONS of airborne particles, it's most likely chance...

We do know that energy can "ball up" much like a liquid when spilled in a gravity-free environment. People have witnessed ball lightning since the dawn of time. Perhaps that is all orbs are when seen with the naked eye . . . some type of energy. But why are they associated with the paranormal? The answer lies in the fact that there are many documented anomalies that accompany their presence.  PROS has captured some incredible video where cold spots were felt and the video camera recorded orbs, and then two EMF detectors activated.  There are most likely also examples of orbs which have proven to be dust reflections in the lens of digital media. EMF random activations are undocumnted sources most often, like radio signals. It's basically up to the researcher to determine the true nature of the orbs by experimenting and documenting their evidence. However, science and common sense should prevail. "When in doubt, throw it out."  Obsever the number of airborne particles when sun light comes  through a window... Again it FAR out numbers the chance of an "orb" being paranormal. 

99%+ of most orbs are some form of airborne particles based on our reseach and the reseach of others we have worked with.

On our investigations page you can view an orb that conforms to the back of one of our guests. This picture can be viewed on our "County Line" page. What is interesting is that the young lady remarked her back was getting cold just before the picture was taken. Most investigators would have mostly likely dismissed this orb as dust. We find it very interesting to say the least. It could have just been a cold spot on her shirt? QUESTION EVERYTHING....

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