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Optimized Process
Optimized Process

This TV/DVD player works without being plugged in! It's unplugged in the photo! How does this happen? STRANGE!

Smooth Transition
Smooth Transition

This chair is moved often no one sits in it! WHY?

Flexible Utilization
Flexible Utilization

This clocks started working after 30 years of not being repaired! It now keeps time! These things happen!  Very WEIRD... Unexplained ?

 OK, this story might not be believed by some, I really don't care. Those of us that have lived in a " haunted house," WE believe. Most often you can't convince them differently . Their convictions are most often based in experiences, like mine and my twin brother, from being touched, to footsteps, to electrical items activating, to chairs rocking on their own, to door-spring stops being manipulated, WE BELIEVE! There's plenty more! Again, I'll say researching the paranormal can be a serious subject. Whether it's a ghost, UFO or some Cryptid, if you're involved, you'll see MANY events are POSSIBLE, a lot of times unexplained! Often there's physical evidence that cannot be easy to ignore! Like EVP, it's a SCIENTIFIC FACT. Go research the SCIENTISTS, like Raudive, George Meeks and others, even the Catholic church studied the EVP phemomenon, and did the research! Footprints, radiation and other factors of evidence have to be dealt with, too, that follow these paranormal happenings and events. These considerations are often ignored by the public and scientific community! Why? IT DOSEN'T fit the agenda! Often the TRUTH is hidden and lies created to slander the truthteller.  Personally, I was an investigator on The Oklahoma City Bombing. There's more questions than answers! The public has little to no idea!  Again, question EVERYTHING you believe! That's a start! 

Again, this story is dedicated to my friend's mom. I knew her well in the short time I spent with my friend and mom. We're both from Southern Oklahoma and had a lot in common and became friends quickly. They had an interest in the paranormal and had a book in their home which told of places around the state about hauntings. The book had a story about me when I conducted ghost tours back in the day at Ft Reno. They were shocked to hear me tell them the same story that was in the book! Again, a lot in common. They both told me, when my friend's father died, who was married to mom,  all the clocks stopped at the house and the property they owned in SW Oklahoma at the same time.That and other things made them believers!  After some time, during breaks at work, I saw some activity in the home when visiting . I knew something was there. Often Mom wanted to come see me, she was retired and had plenty of time, so they did, not living too far away. Often they brought me homemade cookies when they came! 

I called my friends mom, "Mom ", too. She used to always tease me in some way. I knew her time was short. She had cancer and survivied it before: however time was not on her side. I never saw her complain. I have no trouble telling people I love them, often hugging most of my friends any time I see them. I made it a point to hug Mom and tell her she was loved. As a trained volunteer 1st Responder and Emergency Communications person, I've been there at times for the worst. I wanted Mom to know she was a good friend and loved. She made me promise I'd watch over my friend and help with things as I could. I did as she has asked, and promised to keep my word.

In due time, Mom was in the hospital at end of life. My friend called me to tell me. This was during Covid. Mom was unconscious and bearly alive. I couldn't be there so I said my goodbyes to her over the phone. She passed shortly thereafter. RIP.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Soon after Mom passed, activity in the house increased. Some of those things included butter and milk being taken with fork marks in the butter! Pops like snap and pop caps going off with none present, Some events I had witnessed when Mom was alive.  Once a door slammed when a neighbor that Mom didn't like was there visiting! Mom loved to play jokes. Clothes would disappear and reappear in the garage on the floor! Mom's TV came on some, and the DVD player would open and shut! Also, mom's electric blanket would be on, and heating the bed, warm to the touch,  however, NOT PLUGGED IN! Another strange event was when the electric would go off due to storms. Only mom's room would have power? VERY STRANGE? All of the power was connected to the same breaker box?   My friend would tell me about these strange things and events. The chair in the above picture would be moved when no one had sat in it! The clock in the picture was broken and not working for about 30 years. I believe the repairman said it was too expensive too fix. [ Clock didn't work when I was there]  Now its working and keeps time! Bowls, knives, plates would vanish and reappear later! Things would be thrown in the office area. Small items like caps from the ends of furniture. Small items would be found laying around that were unknown. The picture above of the TV/DVD player was UNPLUGGED and works without POWER! The cable guys were a little freaked out when they saw a funtioning TV/DVD player on THAT WAS NOT PLUGGED IN! It didn't just power on and off! No, it stayed on and had to be turned off with the remote! The cable guys videoed the event. Hard to believe these things happen with no reasonable cause. Lights are off when you leave and come back, but when you return are now on!  On another note, my friend has a ghost cat in the home. The cat passed a short time after the father had passed. The cat was his cat. He loved his cat, and the cat loved the father greatly . The cat soon died within a period of 6 weeks. Perhaps of a broken heart? She stopped eating just before... Her name was " Callie". Callie still haunts a bedroom. You can see the place where the cat lays on the pillows. Meows are sometimes heard from that area where there is no cat. Keep in mind, there's no cat in the home! Some cat fur is found at times... 

    To this day, the events still happen at my friend's house. We speak often during the week. My friend works a lot of hours from home and tells me the latest news of the hauntings. I would say to each of you reading this story, it's OK if you don't believe a word of it... However, love one another and be thankful. Forgive and forget if you can! Stay away from toxic people who will drag you down! Life is short, unlike this story!  Who knows... You might be next to join the hereafter and visit those you love and miss.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 My thoughts- Well, some of it I can't explain! Some of it perhaps I can take an educated guess... Maybe the activity is generated by my friend? I don't think so, a lot is going on, nothing scary! The unplugged TV and electric blanket? It would have to be something defective with the powersource? Well, the TV wouldn't stay on so long! Perhaps there's an energy beam that's powering the TV and electric blanket ? Well, most unlikely! High EMF would cause burns, headaches, dizziness, and other problems.  Again, believe what you want!   Or perhaps, it's Mom,  Love you Mom!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     FACT dosen't care about your feelings! - Ron 

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