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After 7 years... PROS has decided to take down the viewer cameras.

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False Positives 

You should QUESTION every thing collected as evidence.During the course of investigating the paranormal, we often have photos or other evidence that appears to be somewhat paranormal. After further examination there may be a logical explanation for what at first may have no explanation. The orb was created by the reflection from the chair in the background. The lens caused what appears to be the orb due to the angle of reflection, and the fact the light will curve on the lens. These are some of the things you have to look for when examining pictures as possible answers. Once no logical answer can be found then the paranormal can be considered. " Often the only thing paranormal is our thinking."

We had to enlarge the reflection on the chair and compare the shape.

At PROS we say, "When in doubt, throw it out."

When dealing with audio, often it's best to have each investigator carry a voice recorder, so audio can be checked later for possible EVP.  If an investigator has his own recorder you will know who said what and when. This is a good control measure!


Orbs or particles on the lens? 

PROS has conducted extensive research into determining the characteristics of an orb that is deemed to be genuinely anomalous as opposed to orbs that are caused by lens refraction, dust, and bugs, etc. In the photo to the right, it appears that this room is filled with orbs. The LTRS is very dusty which shows up in many photos. A quick way to check for this is simply to take your flashlight  or good laser shine the light and look for dust and other particles that will  be concentrated in the area you are photographing. Remember there are BILLIONS of airborne particles. The flash or cameras illuminator are the primary cause of orbs in pictures... Sony and other camera makers are aware of the causes. Some time light from others sources can illuminate the particles near the lens like taking pictures or filming toward a light source.

In this photo taken at Lizzie's Bordello in Guthrie Oklahoma you will see what appears to be a heart shaped orb in the window. After reviewing other photos captured in the same location the heart shaped feature is present in another photo in exactly the same location. Notice the distored lines above the heart... This is an indication of the cameras inability to reproduce what it is seeing based on the differences in lighting. Good lighting outside the window, while very dark in the area inside. Digital cameras produce many artifacts. Often due to the wrong settings or improper lighting conditions.

Heart Orb?
A falling leaf?

Above is a leaf that is reflecting light from the cameras flash taken with a game camera.  Notice the wild life in the background a deer and a coon. 

A simple reflection from thermal imaging . Often thermal captures people or objects from shiny surfaces. Question everything.

"This is a perfect example of an artifact! The image seems to show a lady standing under the light. We were able to determine what it was after a review of the camera during the investigation. It's a good practice to examine photo evidence before concluding the investigation ! Often many teams may not return to see if they can create the image due to distance of travel.  PROS makes it a standard to NEVER say an image is paranormal. We leave it as, "unexlained."  You will capture many artifacts in time. Some are easy to explain, while others aren't so easy. PROS makes it a point to question everything we capture! "When in doubt throw it out!" 

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