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P.R.O.S. Investigations, Inc.

LTRS Webcam Photos 

Screen Caps

These are screencaps that were captured by our viewers over the course of time which PROS had live cameras about 7 years. We can not say for sure what is in the pictures. We can say that they are at least interesting. Causes could be malfunction of equipment from the cameras, or the computer of the that one captured what you're seeing. Over the years while the live cameras were active we experience a number a anomalies which boggled the mind. After close examination or repeated experiences of the same event we were able to conclude the cause. However some we weren't able to find an explanation for. PROS would label those as "unknown." After many years of dealing with cameras and various electronics you may see some patterns that influence the equipment. Like cold and light reflection as examples. Spider webs over a camera lens could create a intriguing image that was most interesting. The movement seemed to remind you of the animation you might see for a ghost. Or an orb that floated inside the view of the camera. The movement was restricted and often flowed in a  pattern which was a give away. PROS tried to be skeptical to a reasonable point. Our motto, "when in doubt throw it out." So the screencaps you see here are, "interesting." We can't say for sure what the cause of the image is, some artifact? Or some thing that could be paranormal. Again, interesting and unexplained is what we say in most cases. Enjoy.    REMEMBER TO QUESTION  E V E R Y T H I N G!!!

If you will look on the upper left cam in the video below you will see what appears to be footprints in front of the mirror. We cannot explain what they are but there is a reflection in the mirror. Pros does not claim this is a paranormal event but it is very interesting. What do you think?

If you look in the lower right camera you will see some light anomalies. The Team is in the room to the north which is behind the camera. This makes a reflection from a flashlight very unlikely. Pros does not claim this is a paranormal event we are not yet able to explain it. What do you think?

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