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After 7 years... PROS has decided to take down the viewer cameras.

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Fort Reno 

PROS no longer conducts monthly tours at the fort.

Fort Reno is located West on I-40 from Oklahoma City. The fort was active back in the days when the Native Americans roamed the plains. It was also used during the Second World War for both German and Italian prisoners of war.

From those times in the past, mostly from the days before Oklahoma became a state, many people passed away at the fort. There is a cemetery located on the grounds. Some of the people who passed from this life to the next must have loved the peaceful place and still are seen there at times. A blond-headed soldier is reported to be in front of the old barracks on the north side of the fort. There are reports of a young girl seen in front of the old Victorian home. Children mostly see her. At times a lady in a white dress is seen inside. Witnessed by a PROS Member. 

The PROS Team has gathered evidence that leads us to believe that there is what would be considered  paranormal activity at the old fort. We have EVP's. One team member conducted a knock test and had two positive responses! One member also had an unseen hand tug on her coat as well. This happened in one of the pitch-black basements. She thought Ron was horsing around and was shocked to discover that he was at least 8 feet away. These are just some of the experiences recorded by PROS in the past years.

PROS was the first paranormal research team to conduct an investigation there and participate with the monthly ghost tours in 2005.  We offer evidence of the on-going activity reported by various people who work and visit the fort. PROS no longer conducts tours at the old fort.

The Beginning
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The PROS Team was told about recent paranormal activity occurring at Fort Reno. the team decided to make a visit and see if the team could document some of the strange occurrences.  It was reported in the Visitors Center the water faucet in the kitchen area had come on by itself.  There are regular reports of some unseen presence heard walking around the upstairs areas.  Keys are often heard jingling.

Team members have captured EVPs in the Visitors Center.  We have also witnessed the EMF detector activating with no apparent cause, at least once that we could see.  We have seen what looked like orbs coming from the fireplace in the basement, most likely dust? This was viewed through an IR camera mounted for security reasons. We also saw in one location at Ft Reno orbs with the eye alone. Round balls of light within one of the old homes. More than one person was witness to this event.

Lights are said to be found turned on at times.  Other times doors are discovered unlocked.  What or who is doing this?  We are not certain.  What we are sure of is that there are some occurrences for which we haven't found an answer.  PROS  conducted many to investigations at Fort Reno.  We  have posted pictures, EVP's, and any other evidence we collected.

Perhaps you might run into the team and hear our first-hand experiences.  The alleged spirits seemed to like the interactions with us.  You may witness some of what we have seen and heard.  PROS has worked hand in hand with the staff at Fort Reno in the past years. PROS staff  helped increased the number of folks participating in the tours, which in turn generated income for the fort. PROS no longer conducts tours at this location, we wish the staff the best.

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