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What is on the rail above? Ghost animal? Captured at our LTRS!

This is a story from long ago. I haven't told it much over the years. Some might believe it or not . I was a teen during this time, my twin brother and I had many experiences over the years . I didn't have the knowledge I have now or how to investigate the paranormal. We had a friend who's boyfriend came to visit her, she lived next door. We met him and he seemed to be a very nice guy. I believe he came to stay with my friends parents for a week as I remember. So, we would kept him busy with things to do. There's wasn't' much to do, besides it was winter as I recall which could bring cold temperatures and wind. One of those days after being chilly and windy we decided to take a nice long walk. There was a dirt road into the country. I had never walked far on that road, mostly barren with knee high dead grass with a few trees that dotted the landscape. Jim, and my brother and I decided to take a walk down that road it was 67th street basically farm land with cattle some birds and rabbits. 

As we started to walk were carefree and in a good mood with no expectations. Just open land free from a care in the world. As we walked, we looked for items of interest that we might find or could see. After we had made it a quarter of a mile down the road . A small dog white and tan began to bark at us. The dog came from the brush on the side of the road. I began to wonder where the dog came from. We weren't to concerned with the dog attacking us. It just continued to bark at us as we came closer to the dog. I picked up a rock and threw the rock at the dog. The dog wasn't hit. The rock landed about two feet away from the dog. The dog began to yeap like an injured animal which I found to be strange! I thought the dog was scared and ran back into the ditch. The dog just vanished from sight. We went to investigate where the dog went. There was no hole or shelter for the dog return to. 

We wanted to know what happened to the dog and where it could have gone! As we looked into the knee high grass. There's was the same dog DEAD ! It looked to have been dead for a week. The eyes were gone, skin tight around the bones! I've often wondered if there are ghost dogs! I know there are now! 

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