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PROS Investigations - Big Black Cat

PROS Investigations - My friends Haunting .

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Intense research into the Paranormal by Scientists


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After 7 years... PROS has decided to take down the viewer cameras.

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General Terms
Taken from many sources

Anomaly/Anomalies:  An irregular image that appears on photographs or video

Apparition:  An unusual appearing ghostly figure

Astral Projection:  An out-of-body experience

Aura:  A quality that seems to surround every living thing

Automatic Voice Recording (AVR): 

Clairaudience:  To hear things outside the range of normal perception

Clairsentience:  To feel or smell things outside the range of normal perception

Clairvoyance:  To see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses

Cleansing:  The act of eliminating entities or phenomenon from a location

Cold Spot:  An area which seems to be cooler than surrounding areas

Coloration:  The change in frequency response caused by resonance.  This usually sounds either like a ringing in the ears, or white noise.

Disembodied Voices:  A voice recorded (or heard) which comes from no physically known source

Electromagnetic Field (EMF):  A field propagated by a combination of electric and magnetic energy that radiates from radio and light waves to gamma and cosmic rays. It is believed that a spirit can manipulate these fields or create its own.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP):  EVP research is the attempt to capture a ghost or spirit's voice on audio recording devices. Typically there is no voice heard to the people present in the recording, but after reviewing the tapes, there are strange voices captured. PROS uses the standard classification system for rating EVPs: A, B and C Class.

Entity:  A disembodied being or spirit in thought or fact

Haunting:  To inhabit, visit or appear to in the form of a ghost or other supernatural being.  At PROS, many investigations must be performed in order for us to determine a place as haunted.  A combination of at least three evidenciary pieces are required: photos, video. EMF, EVP, IR, etc.

Hot Spot:  An area where frequent paranormal activity occurs

Infra Red Thermometer (IR): This equipment is helpful in identifying cold or hot spots.  It is believed energy is absorbed or emitted from entities as they react to their surroundings

Kirlian Photography:  A photographic method showing colored haloes around objects, thought to be auras

Meditation:  A devotional exercise of or leading to contemplation

Medium:  A person who is able to communicate with spirits

Mist:  An anomaly that appears on photos/videos as a cloud of smoke or fog

Near Death Experience (NDE):  An out-of-body experience people have when they are near death

Orbs:  A spherical, translucent mass of energy resembling a ball or globe of light. This is the most photographed and most basic form of a spirit. These balls of energy have been recorded on film, digital cameras, infrared monitors, and videotapes. Orbs usually appear in most haunted places. Orb-like images can also be caused by moisture (rain, snow, fog), bugs, insects, and dust.

Paranormal:  Beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation

Parapsychology:  The branch of science that studies psychic phenomenon

Poltergeist:  A ghost/spirit that manifests itself by noises, rappings and the creation of disorder

Precognition:  Ability to predict thing beyond present knowledge

Premonition:  A foreboding or warning in advance

Psychic:  A person with above average ESP abilities

Shadow People:  Spirits or ghosts which are usually black in appearance and have no discernible features

White Noise:  Acoustical or electrical noise of which the intensity is the same at all frequencies within a given band

PROS Terms -- may be used by others in expressions or writing

IRC:  Interactive Responsive Communication(s).

REACT:  Record Evidence and Analyze Collected Theories.

USP:  Unknown Sound Phenomenon




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