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LTRS 2-19-11 

LTRS 2-19-2011

Tony and I arrived at the LTRS around 7:30 P.M.  Jack was already there. Ron soon arrived as did Tony's oldest daughter Heather.

Tony, myself, Jack and Heather entered the LTRS at 8:00 P.M. to do the photo shoot of the site before starting our invest.  As we went through the LTRS it was quite and non-eventful as Tony took his pictures.

After we finished the shoot, we decided instead of doing another walk-thru we would do a sit-down upstairs.  FYI (We did have a full moon that night)  The LTRS upstairs seemed like the old times!  Lots of visuals, some audio-- We were all seeing shadow and sparkles and light anomalies, the upstairs seemed "full of life".  The upstairs has always been a favorite spot of mine.  It seem like a lot of old friends were back with us.  When we started mentioning names of some of our old friends we were have taps, my hair was being played with and I believe both Jack and Tony had Nine-Volt(the sensation of the hair raising up on the back of your neck and on your arms) as well as Ron.  There also seem to be some cold spots around us also.  At one point Ron and Heather heard voices but could not tell what they were saying.  Hope we caught this on the recorder.  We ended this sit-down with the boys and Heather and I stayed upstairs to see if we could get more response to just the two of us.  We continued to see shadows and light anomalies.  The guys went through the whole building and seem to have some of the same responses as Heather and I did.  They were also seeing shapes and shadows.  The upstairs seem to be the most active for all of us.  they somehow seemed to be more interested in us this time.  Lets hope they continue this interest in us--The evidence will tell I guess.  Thanks to all of you that keep us going and are always there for us.  You guys and gals are awesome!!!

Thanks and God Bless


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