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P.R.O.S. Investigations, Inc.


As you can see we managed to capture a ghost on thermal!  Thermal is a great tool for detecting heat and cold sources. We are able to see posssible items/ objects that may be used in cases of fraud. Also, small animals like mice, and other rodents could be discovered as well. We never know what's really behind what folks are experiencing. SEEK Thermal helps us seek what we  need to know.  PROS will, " Hunt your haunts." 

PROS has additional IR equipment . Some cameras, some viewers and IR lights used to increase the range of Infared equipment. You can look at the gear with the batteries and charging stations. The large star can be used for IRCs ( Interactive Response Communications)  or kenetic activity.  All this below . 

My thoughts on equipment 8--18-2023

After investigating claims of the paranormal for over 40years now. I can say equipment has come a long way. Equipment like EMF detectors were very expensive, hard to find . Compasses were used to detect magnetic anomlies.  Cameras were common in 110 and 35 millimeter. You had to often wait days for film to be develop, drop it off and pick it up. I was glad when 1 hour photo development came into existence. Tape recorders were bulky, cassette recorders with 30 minutes of recording on each side of the tape. One had to listen for the tape recorder to shut off when the tape ran out.  You had to flip over the cassette to the other side. When the tape was full, you had to put in a new tape. You also replaced the batteries before recording at every investigation. If you failed to do so, you could end up with what sounded like a slow motion recording on play or if recorded with low battery levels it sounded much like Micky Mouse on speed!    As time passed these items progressed, and developed into what we have at present. 

The compass is now replaced by EMF detectors. Some cases a phone app may work. That same phone now has a camera with a flash, has limited range can also be used with reduced results. A phone can take 1000's of pictures compared to 24 pictures on a roll of film! The draw back is often times artifacts are produced by the phone's digital cameras inability to reproduce accurately what is captured do to a lack of lighting or movement. It should be noted, film cameras had to be fitted with the right type of film for the conditions based on lighting and action ( movement) .  That same phone can record many hours EVP  too. However, we have to consider the mic in the phone isn't as sensitive as external mics often used on a good voice recorder of today. Todays phone has a flashlight too! Again,  it's limited. 

So, yes a phone will work for some applications while invesstigating the paranormal. 

My suggestion is. For listening to for EVP use a good computer program like WavePad or others.  Download the file and listen with head phones! 

For better results concerning pictures use a better camera than what is on a phone. IR, and other platforms like thermal have their place.  

All of the equipment is used to monitor the environment, and capture changes within. As time progresses, it's hard to fully comprehend what advancements will shortly come to pass, and made available for those who  investigate the paranormal ? 

Some items I have used over the years are hard to replace with technology. Like items used to measure kenitic events. Early researrchers used things like suspended thread, candles flames, powders to look for foot prints. I still use a mix of old school intertwined with the new. 

I have to wonder. I'm I getting old when I think and compare the equipment and techniques I once used, to the new stuff. Only time will tell. It's said by some... "The more things change, the more they stay the same." - Ron. 

The #1 Most Important


 The Human Brain

The human brain is the most versatile and effective tool. An investigator must educate him or her self about the paranormal and not just the ghost phenomenon. They need to study all aspects of parapsychology if they are going to have a well rounded understanding of the paranormal. They also need to learn and understand the basics of scientific research conducted now as well as in the past, and how an effective investigation should be contructed. Then and only then should you start considering the equipment and gadgets after  understanding the potential tools and their limitations based on design, pros and cons. If you are just starting out or trying to organize a new team, do not get caught up in all the gadgets and technology. Question the methods of evidence collections and protocols . You can conduct an effective investigation and capture solid evidence with a cheap camera, tape recorder, and a compass if you are organized and have good understanding of basic investigative techniques. A cell phone could be used with the right apps.  All the high tech equipment in the world cannot compensate for poor skills and lack of education. Critical thinking must be employed as the most important tool! Question EVERYTHING! If in doubt throw it out. Always be looking to learn. 


The most basic but also the most important tool is the flashlight. There are literally thousands of different flashlights out there in every shape, size, and configuration imaginable, but in reality, a flashlight is a flashlight. You have to be able to see in the dark and a flashlight is the best and least expensive way to do it. The one thing that makes a difference is the battery life is ten times longer with an LED than a conventional bulb. Red and green filters can be used to dim the intensity of the light to avoid blinding investigators. It takes approximately 20 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark and that can be erased in a second if flashed by a bright light. The light to the left is also a UV light that can be used for illuminating organic matter such as blood and urine. If there is a report of things moving you can check for small urine spots that can suggest possible rodent activity. Some flash lights are Infrared which allows us to greatly extend our range on monitored areas for activity with night vision, or recording at long distances with NV video cameras.  


EMF is the electromagnetic field emitted by natural and man made objects that conduct and use electricity. In theory ghosts can be detected by the EMF it emits (No proof for the theory since no one know what ghosts are composed of). Below are a few of the devices we use to detect EMF. When sweeping for EMF you need to have a good idea of what man made devices can cause false positives. The most common items are electronics, computers, TVs transmitting radios, used by police , fire and ham radios. DVD players, and similar devices. There are other sources that are less known and sometimes hidden from view. Florescent lights emit huge amounts of EMF that can trigger a meter from 10 feet away or more. Anything that uses a transformer will put off a large amount of EMF and are often hidden and can turn on and off without notice. Door bell transformers are often up in the attic covered by insulation. Heating and air conditioning units have transformers, a condenser unit outside on the patio can trigger a meter inside the building and many heating units are up in the attic. It is difficult to label an EMF spike as paranormal in a building that has electricity. It is best to try to corollate your EMF readings with other evidence such as audio and video. An EMF spike along with an EVP and a light anomaly makes a much better case. PROS  likes to use what we call the Evidence Triangle. We like to have three different types of evidence before we might consider an event paranormal.  A lot of exposure to high levels of EMF may cause folks to experience events induced by EMF which are not paranormal. We use the detectors to find these active areas of EMF. A good tool to for EMF is a simple compass. Often they will not pick up the electric side of EMF, but the magnetic side. Some PROS members carry a compass. EMF unknown sources are just that... "Unknown." Some one who believes they are comunicating with an unseen presence may be picking up radios signals.Question every thing!

The KII Meter

PROS has been using the KII for over 13 years. The KII is a single axis meter with a frequency range from 50-60Hz. With 5 multi color leds to indicate activation. When on, one green led is lit showing the unit is on. When an activation occurs the other leds will light up in progression, the stronger the EMF the more leds will light up. Each color led represents a higher milligauss (Mg) level. The meter activates at a 1.5Mg with a second green, 2.5Mg yellow, 10Mg orange, and 20+Mg red. These meters can be used for IRCs (interactive response communications). The pros of this unit is it's durability and long battery life. One drawback is it's sensitivity to cell phone and other RF transmissions. If you do not eliminate all cell phones from the investigation area, you will have false positive readings. Another drawback is the meter does not activate until 1.5mg. The PROS compliment of KIIs is 5.

Digital EMF Meter

The Digital EMF Meter is a single axis meter that reads in the frequency range from 30-300 Hz (ELF) and has a range from 0.1 to 199.9 Mg. It is very sensitive and you must take care and use slow movements when sweeping with this instrument. Sudden moves will give false readings. This meter is a good companion to use with the KII. This meter will read a lower range and can be used to confirm the KII readings. This is the meter most seen on the popular television shows. It has a flip out stand so it can be used as a stationary device for IRCs. The pros of this unit is it's extremely low range and it's sensitivity. It is also a durable unit and can take some bangs. The main drawback of this unit is the display is not back lit which makes it difficult to see in the dark. The PROS compliment of Digital EMF Meters is 3.

TriField Meter

The TriField Meter 100XE is one of the best, It does it all. It measures ELF and VLF ranges. It measures electrical, two ranges of magnetic, and radio frequency. All you have to do is turn the knob to the area you want to scan. There is another model that is sensitive enough to read the energy field of a person. The 100XE is what PROS uses. The meter is not reccomended to carry around sweeping areas in the dark. The meter is perfect for a stationary unit for IRCs. We will have one in our pocket when sweeping for EMF. When the other meters get hits we can bring out the TriField and narrow down what the other units are reading, electrical, magnetic, or RF. That helps us to determine the origin of the spike and debunk the false positives. This unit should be on the want list of any serious team. The only drawback is it will not take much abuse. One good drop and you will be out nearly $200. 


The Mel Meter is one of the first pieces of equipment specifically designed and built for paranormal investigating. It will measure AC and DC down to 30Hz and will read up to 20,000Mg. It is also equipped with a fast response thermocouple for quick and accurate temperature measurements. The large back lit display shows EMF and ambient temperature simultaneously for direct correlation between EMF and Temperature. It also has a built in red flashlight. The Mel Meter can also record the minimum and maximum measurements which makes it a good monitor device. One of the other features of this meter is the vibration/touch detection capabilities. You can set the meter in Vibe mode and it will alarm at the slightest vibration or touch. This is a very versatile tool. We will soon be ordering the new Mel-REM which has all the features mentioned before along with an integrated KII and a magnetic field generator. I cannot think of any drawbacks for this meter unless you don't like the red lights, if that is the case order it with the green instead.

The theorise behind cold spots have less scientific basis than EMF. The main theory is that an entity is drawing energy from an area to manifest, this energy draw causes the temperature in an area to lower. Another theory is that an entity opens a hole from a different dimension to enter ours. This momentary mix of dimensions causes a cold spot. We actually have no idea how the cold spots occur but we know they do. Cold spots are one of the most common reported events with paranormal activity. The best way to eliminate false positives is to know where the cooling vents are and to check the doors and windows for leaks that can cause drafts. There are more things in a building that will heat the air than cool it. Cold spots by themselves does not prove paranormal activity but combined with other evidence can help complete the evidence triangle. Below are a few of the tools PROS uses to document temperature and track cold spots.

 IR Non Contact Thermometer

The Ir Non contact thermometer uses an infrared beam to measure the temperature of the surface where it is pointed. They have a fast response and are very accurate for distances of around 6-8 ft and has a red laser pointer to show you where it is aimed. One thing to remember when using this type of thermometer, it is not only reading the temperature of a surface it is also reading the temperature of the air between the device and the surface. It will display the average of these temps. One must keep this in mind when using the device for detecting cold spots. In a hot room 30' long there could be a cold spot in the middle of the room 10 degrees lower than the room temp. This device may only show a drop of 2-3 degrees or less depending on the temperature of the surrounding air and the wall behind it. These are very durable and have a long battery life.

Combination IR and Contact Thermometer

This device is a non contact IR thermometer with a probe to measure the ambient temperature at the unit. The IR thermometer works the same as the unit above except it does not emit a red laser. When the metal probe is unfolded it will give you an accurate temperature of the air at the tip of the probe. This unit is perfect when an investigator reports feeling a cold spot. You can put the probe inches from the person without picking up their body heat. That is nearly impossible with a non contact unit. This is one of the tools that needs to be on your person at all times. The one thing to remember is to allow the probe to climatize for a moment after being in your pocket for an extended period of time. 


The TLD-100 does it all. If you have one of these you can throw your other thermometers away, and one of your flashlights. The TLD-100 is a combination IR and contact thermometer. When switched on the unit reads and displays the ambient temperature at the unit and also shoots an IR and displays the temperature in the direction it is aimed. The unit projects a green light, bright enough to use as a flashlight, in many cases. The unit has three settings 1, 5, or 10 degrees. If you set the unit at 5 degrees, the micro processor compares the IR reading to the ambient temperature and if the IR reading is 5 degrees or more colder than the ambient, it will change the green light blue indicating a cold spot. If the IR reading is higher than the ambient, it will change to red indicating a hot spot. The unit can also be used for IRCs.( Interactive Response Communications) . The PROS Team has been using it  now and has found it to be a reliable and effective tool. Other teams have began using it.

Portable Weather Stations

PROS often uses portable weather stations on our investigations. We place the master unit at the command center and place remote sensors in various places. These sensors send temperature, humidity, and pressure readings back to the master unit. It is a good way to record and document the changing conditions during an investigation.



Audio is one of the most fascinating subjects of paranormal investigating. EVP is a science all by itself but it is not the only reason for recording audio during an investigation. Recording audio supplies context to the investigation. It is the memory helper for all the investigators. During a paranormal event investigators can get an adrenalin rush or even become momentarily confused. Reports of an event can have discrepancies. The audio will always have the true turn of events. It can also monitor areas when the investigators are not present. Below are a few of the recorders we use on our investigations. 

Voice Recorders

PROS uses a wide variety of digital voice recorders with a wide range of features and capabilities. To the left is a cross section of those recorders. These three range from older style less expensive models to sophisticated models costing several hundred dollars. To the right is the RCA RP5022-A. It is a solid reliable unit that was purchased at WalMart for around $35. The 5022 has 64mb of memory and can record aprox. 5 hours of audio on the highest setting. The quality is good but the static can be overwhelming at times. It will connect and download to a computer but needs proprietary software to convert the file to a windows readable format. It would be a good choice for a new investigator looking for an affordable option.

To the left is the Olympus WS110 the backbone of the PROS Team. It has 256Mb of storage and can record over 12 hours of crisp clear high quality audio. The unit also has voice activated recording and you can get nearly 20 hours on a single AAA battery. To transfer files, remove the lower section to expose a USB adapter and just plug it in. The files are in WMA format and can be accessed like a flash drive. In our opinion the WS110 is one of the best EVP recorders made. Olympus has stopped making them but with a little looking you can still find some. They cost around $80.

In the center is one of the newest and most sophisticated recorders on the market. The RT-EVP ITC Research Device is specifically built for paranormal research. The RT-EVP is a high quality recorder that has the capability to play back your recordings almost in real time. The playback delay is adjustable from 1-15 seconds so with a little practice you can hear your captured EVP almost as they happen. The 4gig flash memory can hold up to 33 hours of audio. The unit also has a built in FM frequency scanner that can be used in combination with the other recording options which makes this unit an extremely versatile tool. If you plan to use this unit in the playback mode while another team member is recording audio, do not use the ear buds that come with the unit. We recommend you use a quality set of earphones that cover the ears. We have found the ear buds can be picked up on the other recorders and create false positives. The main drawback of this unit is it's nearly $300 price tag, but for the serious EVP researcher it is money well spent.

12 Volt Amplified Microphone

These extremely sensitive microphones are omnidirectional and can pick up the slightest noise in a large room. These are the same mics we use at the LTRS. Three of these mics in the three story 15,000 square foot building picks up every creak, moan, pop, and click in the building and often picks up the voices of people talking outside. We also use the mics in outside investigations by placing a mic near every IR camera to record the sounds and team interaction in these areas. These mics have a 6ft  cord and use a standard RCA connector. With a properly made extension cord they can be placed several hundred feet away from the recording device. The unit does require a 12v 500mA power supply. We use a 4 wire custom made extension cord that allows the audio signal and power supply to run in the cord. These cords eliminate the need for electricity at each mic. One electric source can supply all the mics.

Listen Up

The Listen Up is basically an amplified microphone, made to help people with a hearing deficiency. We have found them to have several uses. They can be used as a small version of a parabolic microphone. The internal microphone has a narrow pick up angle which makes it more like a shotgun mic picking up sounds in the direction it is pointed. We have used these as a external mic during EVP sessions and for the Contact System. They are inexpensive and easy to find just look in the As Seen On TV section of your local department store. These may not be found any longer. 

Wireless Audio

PROS uses a wireless audio system in places where it is difficult or impossible to run wired mics. This unit has a range of 600 ft. and is very clear and crisp. It has a squelch and volume control and connects with RCA adapters. The unit can be powered by an AC adapter or batteries. We have put this unit in areas for audio recordings and at times had the lead investigator wear the mic for monitoring of team activities. There are several different brands starting at around $50.

White Noise Generator

A white noise generator is a must for any serious EVP research. There are many ways to generate white noise. The easiest way is to tune a radio between stations where there is just static. This works well but keep in mind there will be a random word or noise come across from time to time. There are so many signals streaming through the airways and with the skip from atmospheric conditions, there is no frequency that is totally free from random signals. A white noise generator uses prerecorded or electronically made static free from any random signals. We like to use the Homedics SoundSpa. The SoundSpa is a sound therapy machine that plays soothing sounds to help relieve stress and promote relaxation. It has six different sound recordings. It is not known just how sound is manipulated to produce EVP but we do know there are certain types of sound that work better than others. At the LTRS it is common to hear voices in the sound of the rain during thunderstorms and we have noticed when we use the rain and ocean wave sounds we often get clearer EVPs. EVP results vary widely from person to person, anybody can record EVP but it seems some people are more successful at capturing EVP than others. We do not know why that is, it could be the area, the emotional state of a person, or possibly some unknown factor we have not yet discovered. A person needs to experiment to what equipment and techniques work best for them. That is what research is all about.


A good quality set of earphones is as important as a flashlight. There are hundreds of headsets on the market that range from $1.50 ear buds to sophisticated noise canceling headphones costing hundreds of dollars. The headset you use will directly affect the quality of your audio analysis. Cheap headphones do not have the signal response and clarity to hear some EVP. Some EVP are very prominent in recordings but most are at frequencies that are at the limit of human hearing. A low quality headset may not be able to playback those frequencies or distort them to the point the EVP is lost. I have personally tested this by listening to a solid class A EVP through a high quality set of headphones and a cheap $5 set from the local  5 & dime store. I could hear the EVP clearly with the quality set and 2 other people could also hear the same word. When heard through the low quality set, 2 out of the three people heard a different word. The low quality headset turned a solid class A EVP into a low B possibly a C. If you are on a limited budget, like the rest of us, and are trying to put your money where it counts the most, spend some extra on a quality set of headphones. I cannot comment on the noise canceling headphones. I will be doing some comparisons with them soon.

Mobile Contact System

The Mobile Contact System is a custom built ITC/ EVP device using two AM/FM radios converted to scanning ghost boxes, an amplified microphone and a white noise source. These four devices are run through a four channel mixer into a recording device. When properly balanced, this device seems to produce amazing ITCs and  EVP. Ghost Boxes are a subjective issue to say the least. The chances of random words is high and the chances of getting a coherent response to a question from one of those random words is higher than one would think. With all the names and numbers that are always being repeated on the radio it would be very easy to get a response to a question. Ron, the founder of PROS Investigations, has been working with this device and developed techniques that lower the possibilities of random responses. The use of two ghost boxes helps chop up the audible words for starters, he also has developed special protocols dealing with how to ask questions. When using the Contact System or a Ghost Box you need to ask for specific answers in a specific way. For example, If you ask "Is anyone here with us?" you could easily get a random "yes" or something sounding like a yes creating a false positive. If you ask "Is anyone here with us, can you answer, yes I am or I am here?". The random chance of getting those exact responses is very slight giving a positive response much more credibility. The subject will always be subjective but using these techniques will make the evidence a bit harder to dispute. Ron has been working with this system at his residence. Time constraints and space has made it nearly impossible to bring all the components to an investigation. Tony took all the devices and installed them in a single case making it portable. PROS can now use this interesting tool anywhere.  


Video and photographs are one of the best evidence sources but they also have the most potential for false positives. Dust, moisture, and reflections are just a few of the things that cause anomalous images in photos and in video. Orbs are the subject of great debate and at times it can be a heated debate. PROS has researched the subject of orbs and have found 99% of orbs to be dust, some other airborne particles  BILLIONS in any given space, possible moisture or insects mostly out doors. We have captured what we believe to be true orbs but they are very rare. The best way to eliminate orbs in your photography is to get your flash or light source as far away from your lens as possible. Normally if you can get your light source 6" away from your lens you will not have orbs in your photos or videos.

PROS uses photography as a documenting tool more than an evidence source. We use photos and videos to give us a base line of the investigation area. If anything happens we can go back and see where everything was when we started. We also use video for validation. We try to cover the team as much as possible while they are investigating so when things happen we have the context of the events and the reaction of the investigators. By covering as much of the area as possible we can also help detect the presence of fraud by the idiots that think it is funny to waste our time and fake activity. Photo and video is the third point in our evidence triangle.   

Compact Digital Cameras

Compact digital cameras are the most common cameras in use for investigating. They have become very affordable over the last few years and take great pictures. They are easy to use and with the memory cards can hold thousands of pictures. PROS requires each team member to have a good still camera on them at all times. The more pictures taken the better the chances of capturing evidence. The camera above is an Olympus SP-320 digital camera. It is a 7.1 megapixel camera with a built in flash and 3x optical zoom. This camera has a great flash and will light up a large area. The third floor at our LTRS is 150' long and this camera will light the floor up and take pictures that look like daylight inside. A strong flash is very important for taking pictures in dark places. The camera's CCD records light and if the flash does not supply enough light you will have poor quality pictures or pictures that cannot be enlarged. The minimum megapixel we would suggest is 7, anything lower than that seems to produce more dust orbs. Pros has about 7 different types of compact digital cameras from several manufactures and have found the make of the camera is less important than the proper specifications. Some cameras have internal rechargeable batteries and they work well but if you experience paranormal battery drain your dead in the water. One of the things we like about the SP-320 is it takes AA batteries and in the case of battery drain, just pop in new batteries and keep going.

Cannon EOS 500D

This camera is the perfect paranormal photography tool. The Cannon EOS 500D does everything you want a camera to do. It takes breath taking pictures and video in full HD with excellent audio. A Canon CMOS sensor with 15.1 megapixels delivers detailed 4752x3168 stills at a rate of 3.4 fps and and ISO of 100-3200. The Cannon EOS can take pictures in full sunlight and almost total darkness and can be remotely operated with an IR remote. The rechargeable batteries can be changed in seconds so paranormal battery drain is not a problem and it can store 1000 full size pictures on an 8 gig SD card. There is a large range of available lenses and filters to cover nearly any situation.   The Cannon EOS 500D is the heart of the MPV system.

Digital Blue Night Vision Digital Camera

You never know where you will find that next cool piece of equipment so a team should keep their eyes open for different tools that will work well for paranormal investigations. The Night Vision Digital Camera is one of those finds. This is a night vision camera that will take still pictures as well as video in total darkness. This camera was designed and made for children. We found it at Toys-R-Us. The resolution is a bit low but if you use a steady hand it takes acceptable pictures and video. All you do is point and pull the trigger. It has an led flashlight built in, it has 32mb of internal memory and can take 30 minutes of video with a 2 gig SD card. The camera connects to your computer through a USB cord so downloads are quick and easy. The bad thing is Digital Blue no longer makes this camera and they are very hard to find. We searched the internet and was only able to find three, so we bought them all.  

Sony Camcorders

PROS uses Sony camcorders for their superior night shot capabilities. We have several older models that take mini cassettes, mini DVs, and the DCR series shown above. The DCR-SR82 has a built in 60 gig hard drive that can hold 15 hours of high definition video and records in 5.1 surround sound. The night shot is very good and has a range of about 25' with the on board IR source, add an additional IR illuminator can extend the range to about 50'. This camera will also take stills if you add a memory card. The stills and video can be downloaded to your computer or can be viewed on a TV through the video/out jack. We often use the video/out jack to broadcast live to our website. PROS also uses the DCR-SR42 which is the same camera with a 40 gig internal hard drive. We use the DCR-SR82 for the IR back up with the MPV system.

Full Spectrum Camcorder

The Moditronic Full Spectrum Camcorder is a camera that records in the ultraviolet and the infrared spectrums. The term full spectrum is not an accurate term for this camera because it blocks the visible light and records the UV and IR light. That is OK because that is what we want it to do. This camera takes stills and video recorded onto an SD card. It has a rechargeable battery that can be replaced so with extra batteries and good volume SD cards you can record for hours and recover quickly from paranormal battery drain. This camera takes 12 megapixel stills and records video in 1080p . It has an internal mic and records very good audio. This camera does not have an onboard light source so an illuminator is necessary for use in dark areas. We use this camera for the UV back with the MPV system.

Multi-Spectrum Photo Verification System (MPV)

The Multi-Spectrum Photo Verification System or MPV is a system developed by PROS to take still pictures that can be backed up in multiple light spectrums. The system consists of three cameras, a high quality DSLR camera set to take shots in near darkness, a night shot camcorder, and a full spectrum camcorder. The two camcorders are equipped with illuminators to maximize their range and clarity. All three cameras are mounted on a single tripod and aimed at the same point. When taking still pictures the camcorders are recording video, this gives every still picture an infrared and ultraviolet view of that picture and the camcorders are also recording audio which gives full context to every still picture taken. This system has been very effective in debunking anomalies and it should give credibility to pictures that may be considered paranormal. If you would like more information on the MPV system contact Tony at .

DVR System

The DVR system PROS uses comes from a Florida security supplier called Optiview. The DVR is a four channel unit with a 320 gig hard drive and can record up to 30 days continually before having to erase any data. It records at 30 fps and can record continually or set to be activated by motion. The motion sensor sensitivity can be set to ignore an elephant or be activated by a dust orb. The data can be transferred to CD with the built in burner or transferred by USB to a computer or flash drive. The cameras are 540 line HD infrared color cameras with an IR range of 90ft. The cameras are varifocus cameras that have an 8-15mm range so they can be adjusted for small rooms or large areas. 

The team can use game cameras as needed in some places. They can activate when motion is detected. This reduces evidence review time . The best way to deploy such a camera is in a larger area. Often in a small area the camera may not activate quickly enough. These cameras can be set up to monitor areas of alleged activity for long periods of times. These cameras have a storage card which can be removed and viewed . Some game cameras record video and audio and can be set to record for a period of time when activated.

Camera Accessories

Infrared and night cameras have an onboard light source but they are not very powerful. The range and clarity of these cameras can be increased by adding external light sources. PROS uses several types of external illuminators the photos shows a few of the newer types we have. In larger areas we use the clamp type drop lights with blacklight bulbs, with these kind of lights a single bulb can illuminate an entire room without blinding the investigators.

Motion Detection

Laser Grid

The laser grid is a very helpful tool to detect movement in a room or area. PROS often uses the grid during sitdowns, we also set out the grid in front of cameras that monitor areas for movement. The grid is a very intense green laser that is split up into hundreds of smaller lasers that shoot through the room in a pattern as small as a few inches apart. Anything that moves in the room will come in contact with the laser and be detected. It is very helpful to detect insects that can cause false positive.

Remote Motion Alarm

There are multiple uses for the Remote Motion Alarm. We use them throughout the investigation area to detect motion of anything in the area. They are good to use to isolate your investigation area to prevent outside contamination and possible hoaxes.

Infrared Parameter Alarm

The Infrared Parameter Alarm is a great tool to secure an area during an investigation and also to detect movement. The device has two components consisting of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter emits an infrared pulse that is picked up by the receiver. If the pulse is interrupted it will set off an audible alarm. The pulse can be reflected by mirrors to  use the device around corners.


The Paranormal Detection Web

The research PROS conducts produces theories and those theories have to be tested. Many times a theory cannot be tested with conventional equipment. In those cases a new piece of equipment may need to be developed. The Paranormal Detection Web is one of those tools. It was developed to test a theory and is currently being tested. We will report any developments with this device as testing proceeds.

Projector Clock

The projector clock is a handy little device that we carry with us during investigations. You can project the time and date on any wall or flat object. The PROS Team uses this device to time stamp events. If something notable occurs during an investigation the investigator will project the time somewhere in view of the cameras. While reviewing the video  the time stamp will let the analyst know something was observed by the investigators.

Two Way Radios

Communication is very important during an investigation. PROS uses two way radios to keep in contact with the investigators. These are Cobra Micro Talk. They have a along range and good battery life. They have 22 channels each with sub channels. Finding a vacant frequency is no problem. Just remember 2 way radios will set off EMF detectors! So can cell phones! 

Craftsman Electronic Tape Measure

Investigations require a great deal of detail to properly document. PROS creates a detailed floor plan of each location we investigate. We use the floor plan to mark the location of EMF sources and to document environmental data and activity The Electronic Tape Measure is a quick way to get the dimensions without stretching a tape across the room. Butt the end against the wall and push a button it will shoot a beam across the room and display the measurement. It will record the measurements and add them to others if necessary and figure area. 

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