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PROS has now discontinued our cameras.

The LTRS is a wearhouse/ mercantile over a 100 yrs old. No recorded deaths are listed. However many folks lost their lives due to a flood in that area in 1887. Footsteps, voices, and other noises are heard. Appartions are seen at times too.

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Welcome to the PROS Long Term Research Site Webcams. The LTRS has a history of paranormal activity. PROS has been conducting research and documenting activity almost 9 years now. The activity witnessed and recorded includes, kinetic activity, apparitions, and a great deal of EVP. PROS conducts investigations at the site most every Saturday night. Our investigations will be broadcast live each week. You are welcome to watch, listen and participate with us. We will monitor the chat room to review your comments. We are planning to take questions after each investigation. There will be times when we will incorporate the chatter's questions into our investigations. We will, if possible, broadcast live from other locations too.

PROS understands there are those who may try to gain unlawful entry to our site.The site is under constant camera surveillance along with a security alarm system.

Anyone who attempts to break in will be arrested. The police station is close by.

We want you to enjoy your Internet experience with the team at our site during investigations. Do not hesitate to contact us if there are any problems. You can reach us at . We will also have moderators in our chat room to assist you during investigations.

There is a free program you can download for capturing images from the cameras should you see anything interesting. When you do capture something, e-mail it to us at and we will take a look at it. If we cannot find a logical explanation for it we will post it on the site and give you the credit.

Keep in mind:

Orbs are most likely dust 99.9% of the time in our site. Therefore most orbs are to be discounted as paranormal.

The program we use is Screenshot Captor. You can find it at . PROS make no endorsements or do we have any interest in this company. There are  many similar programs out there, however  PROS technical team, led by Tony, has found this program to operate well with our present system.

The program we use for capturing the video is FRAPS. After you install the program and set it up, just bring a viewer up in full screen and press the key you set up in the FRAPS program and it will start recording. It will save the video in a folder set by FRAPS. You can get this program at

Once again these are programs we have found and used with success. PROS in no way promotes or receives any profits from these software companies and in no way accepts any liability for the software.

PROS will continue to work on our now operational video system to enhance your viewing capabilities.

Remember to join us in our Chat Room.We look forward to meeting you and visiting.

Once again Thank You for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy your stay.

Thank you,

The PROS Team.



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