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The cases and pictures listed on this page will be information on PROS latest investigations. Names and locations may not be disclosed. 

On 5-3-20. PROS received one of the strangest call asking for assistance at a home. One of our fellow investigators with another team asked for us to help with this particular interesting case. The case involved amazing examples of  ITC ( Instrumental Trans Communications) via text messages on their phones!

The messages were sent to each member of the family. The messages knew the middle names of the family and called them by such! The entity claimed to be of a woman who died over 100 years ago! Her grave site was disclosed in the text! She seemed to be with the family at times and even made comments about the family's activities. More interesting was the presence even gave them instructions to follow so they would be protected against the evil entity that sought to reak havoc on the family,. The entity lead the family to her grave and others in the cemetery through the text! She sent them to pray over particular plots in the same cemetery where she was buried even naming those in need of prayer! 

The entity sent many text to the family requesting items to be brought to the home before the investigation. Even called our associate by her last name and knew what she did to cleanse! Again, this was revealed through a text message! The family was sent a text that suggested they should stop for snacks. Once the father of the family returned inside the vehicle with the snacks and drinks the alleged spirit commented in text two out of four, snacks for the family wasn't't bad. One of the daughters didn't't like her snack. 

The family was instructed that there were bodied buried on the property they had just bought. Once they tore down the existing home on the property is when all the trouble began. These text all came in on one day from about 9 to 5pm. On 5-3-2020. 

I interviewed the family and read over the long texts concerning the above. The family told me about a problem with the cable box. The TV would change channels when the family some times spoke about changing channels! It would go directly to the channel! There was no voice command with the cable service! They called the cable company. The company sent out a tech who was said to see this for himself. The company was reported to have discontinued the service. The family had to get a new service company.

The family was concerned with some activity in the home. More concerned with the revelation of the lost and possible restless souls on the property. The female entity claimed to have burnt down the pre- existing home because they were bad people. She told them she like the new land owners and wouldn't't create problems for them through text. However their son was a reincarnated evil person. So to say the least the family was concerned and fearful. 

We conducted an investigation in the home no real evidence was collected. We did hear some responses over the ghost box which is common , The voices can be collected anywhere.This can be a common occurrence. We decided to go to the property we didn't't collected any real evidence there to support the claims of the alleged ghost. After several hours there at the property we decided to leave. The only experiences were some lights seen in the woods and a possible person in a white shirt. 

After careful consideration. My conclusion is someone has hacked into the family's internet and cell phone service. Some of you might think this isn't possible. Maybe not for the average "hacker." I've seen what can be done with computers and a skillful hacker, or some one that has access to government programs or hacked versions of the programs. A LOT of information about you and me can be found on line. Like our names, where we were born. Name of those laid to rest in cemeteries too. The family even said there was an additional player created on a game none of them created. Cell phones can be tracked via APRS ( Automatic Packet Reporting System) which ham radio operators use. Also program like Spotter Network used by those in the storm spotting chaser community. as examples used by the public. I've been involved in the Cell phone business in the past. The providers can track you so can 911 ! Your phone's mic can be activated without you knowing! Yes! I've seen some crazy stuff over the years. Even computers taking pictures through the monitor! That's right NO CAMERA! So, my thought is some one is playing one heck of a trick on the family! 

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