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Last site update 1-9-2019.

Latest activty is helping past clients from past cases. Updates to come soon! 

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No tours are in the plans for 2019.

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After 7 years... PROS has decided to take down the viewer cameras.

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PROS will be conducting experiments based in Parapsychology. Here you will find what type of research that is currently under way. ( The coin is still hidden! see if you can find it)

PROS first Parapsychology experiment  will be in dowsing.  The focus of the experiment will a silver dollar placed in the LTRS. Those wishing to participate will need to register to send us their results at the end of the experiment.  The focus will be the use of a pendulum over a map to determine the location of the dollar. A pendulum can be purchased or constructed my simple means.  There are different ways to construct one, such as a ring on a string or some other object. To learn more about dowsing read about it under our research tab under the subject.
This is a picture of the coin, and the pendulum I  constructed from some items I had around. String, a 168 grain boat tail spitzer in .30 cal and a key chain ring. I made Tony one! The coin isn't real clear in the picture. I will see if we can get a clearer picture posted before the experiment begins. Should you have any questions feel free to email us .
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