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Last site update 12-22-2019.

Latest activty is helping past clients from past cases. Updates to come soon! 

Join in on our message board you can see some of our history from the past, and interact with us! We added SEEK Thermal to our tools ! See the ghost we captured with it! Under our Equipment page. Also added under hauntings page- My Experience Hauntings

No tours are in the plans for 2020.

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After 7 years... PROS has decided to take down the viewer cameras.

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Clairvoyance is the ability to see/perceive events at a distance over time. Sometimes the events are seen as they happen, which is Spontaneous Clairvoyance. Other people, who have reported knowing about a certain event before it happens, are known in Parapsychology as a Pre-cognitive Clairvoyants. Those who can see the events after they have occurred are known as Post-Cognitive Clairvoyants. Often the Post-Cognitive can give great details of the past event as though they were present as the event occurred. Edgar Cayce is a well documented clairvoyant. 

Many people have experienced at sometime in their life a dream or just knew something was going to happen good or even bad. PROS has conducted some experiments with people who felt they had some Clairvoyant abilities. PROS will continue conducting research into this interesting ability in the near future. Who knows what we may find?


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